An Arizona August

Baby boy has had a rough last few days with his teething and has wanted nothing but to be held, specifically by mom or dad.  He's usually a happy little boy with a toothy, wide grin, but he's been sad, clingy and waking a lot at night.  Breaks my heart, exhausts my body.  These teeth have been the slowest/ worst ones thus far.  Teething sucks.

My dad came into town this weekend which was a lot of fun to see him!!  He more recently remarried, and things have never been so different for our family, so any chance to catch up with him is treasured.

My dad brought with him some record Arizona weather and we hit 117 degrees, the hottest temperatures in over two years!!  In the past we could always find things to keep us busy, but we've found that with an infant, when it gets that hot there is not a whole lot to do except swim.  And we usually wait for shade to even do that!

The problem with such high temperatures is that the night time lows are in the 90s and by early morning we're already well into the 100s, so mornings are out for venturing with the bebe.

Luckily this extreme heat is short lived.  We're back to low 100s, a breath of fresh air!!  The low tomorrow night is 81.  81!!!  Break out the boots.

The pool thermometer broke, but usually the water is close to 100 degrees by this time of summer, which it does feels like it.  A giant bathtub.  I am still cold when I get out.

The bugs are out in herds when it's this hot.  I assume they're all cookin' in the ground and have to come out.  We haven't had any scorpions, but we've had these new and obnoxious little black beetles, and Ben also found this creeper in the street.

Child of the Earth?

This is my fifth summer here and every year there are new summer bugs that show up.  This is also the driest, most boring summer we've had, and I'm hoping we get some monsoons because they are just so exciting and typically make the Arizona summers much more bearable.

Meanwhile we'll just swim.  And obsessively watch the weather radar for a STORM.


I also posted today about my brother in the finals for Chinese Top Idol.  Help him win by voting for him for this last round!

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  1. I don't know how you handle the heat! Days with temps in the 90s are awful here! We stay inside all of the time, it sucks. Soo excited for fall!!

  2. This morning, I walked outside and it was 86 and I actually noticed a difference. I practically needed a jacket. ;) This past weekend was horrible. I just keep thinking about January in AZ and then I feel better.

  3. Teething is no fun -- I remember how miserable my little guy was when his teeth were coming in. I hope your little man feels better soon!! I start feel like I am dying when the temps reach in the low 90's where I am ha ha! I could not imagine 117! Yikes!

  4. Oof to the teeth.That type of weather would probably kill me.

    Good job to your bro. I saw the show's social media updates and also get the station on TV. I voted a ton, too. Haven't voted like that since American Idol season 2, lol.