Birthday Celebrations

For Ben's birthday I made my famous multi-colored cupcakes.  I always debate on a DQ ice cream cake or multi-colored home mades, and this year the cupcakes won.  

Actually now that I think about it, last year I ventured out and made the smores rice crispy treats instead, which were dangerously delicious.

Six colors this year:  bright blue, dark blue, red, yellow, purple and green.  I omitted the pink because I was trying to make it manlier, but the purple/red kind of pink-ized it anyway.

Below were 2012's version:

Below is the cake version (2011 [hi Abercrombie]):

Another 2011 version:

B3 wasn't too interested in opening gifts; I'll assume that will change sooner than later.  He does like to rattle the paper, however.  It's pretty fun having a kid and sharing every moment and adventure with him.

And a plug for our giant shrimp birthday dinner, the biggest shrimp that Costco has to offer.

And a birthday week lunch date to the new Kneaders:

Plus birthday swim time with the little guy and his ever tooth growing grin.  #whatachamp

I hope it was a happy birthday, baby!!


  1. OMG, those cupcakes look sooo good!!! Happy Birthday Ben!

  2. Happy belated Birthday to the hubs! Those cupcakes/cake look awesome! Kneaders has such a good dessert selection, doesn't it? Sounds like a fun bday celebration all around!

  3. Those cupcakes are too fun! I love the tradition you have of making sweet treats :D Happy belated birthday to your husband!