Kelly Clarkson concert time!!

Kelly ClarksonnnnNNN!!

My brother and I went to her concert after months and months of looking forward to it.  Kelly Clarkson is the epitome of talent!!  If you look her name up in the dictionary the definition is TALENT, GENUINENESS, AWESOME.

Thanks to my brother, we were VIP row 2.  I have never been so close in any concert as I have also never made it through a concert without starting to get bored as, until this.  THANKS JAMES!!

First stop was the VIP Lexus Club!!  Starting to feeling very important.

Free drinks in the VIP lounge!!  Yeah!  Well we don't drink so the girls gave us a Redbull and Sierra Mist instead.

There was also a free buffet but we weren't hungry and just wanted the concert to start.  (I would like some free buffet now.)

I didn't know if she'd sing my all time favorite song in my whole life, but she did.  Catch My Breath.

The special guest opener was Pentatonix.  They are a capella and were amazing [along with the girl's shoes].  Listen for ten seconds and you'll be converted to the fanclub of Pentatonix.

James had his picture taken with a couple of the openers, Eric Hutchinson and ...Abi?  Maybe?  It was like 100% humidity so yeah, sweaty.

The weather was superbly cool with a monsoon rolling through.  I was worried about the haboob in the area, but it missed the venue and all was well in the concert world.

Have a nice Wednesday!  What is left of it at least.


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  1. So awesome! I like that song too! She has gotten me through many runs!!

  2. Oh WOW, what a fun night! I love Kelly Clarkson and you guys did it right!! Woah. That's awesome your brother hooked you up. I also love Pentatonix. They are fabulous!!

  3. Sweeeeet deal! Fancy status all the way. Looks like you guys had a really fun time!!!