Marathon Training Weeks 4 & 5 - A training in PATIENCE

I'm already a month and a half into training for Canyon City and had a couple of great training weeks.  Wahoo!

I am proud to say I stuck to my heart rate training 100% of the time!!  This is a huge feat for me considering the paces it required (O-M-G-S-LO-W-E-R-T-H-A-N-M-O-L-A-S-S-E-S).  

Heart rate training is a training in patience.

During the week I run for time.  That is why my mileage is so wonky (which drives me nuts, I always have to continue on to an even-er number).  

In actuality, since I'm running slower, I'm spending the same amount of time on my feet as if I had run higher mileage at my normal paces.  Make sense??  haha

^^How do you post fun or exciting pictures of training when you are on the treadmill all of the time...?

^^The only training picture I took.  I'm a terrible social media-ist lately.  A freaking selfie.

My 9 miler this week took me the same amount of time as the 8 miler took last week!  :D  

Some things that I have learned to help keep my heart rate down, which equals running faster in the same zone, are:

  • Watch a tv show/ movie - one that really interests me and causes me to zone out
  • No music - sad face, yes
  • If I must listen to music, mellow is the way to go - movie soundtracks, chill stuff, etc.
  • Avoid overheating - I turn the A/C down a couple of degrees and have 3 fans which makes a difference
  • No gum!! - Chewing raises my heart rate 5-10 bpm -- crazy!  If I fuel or take a drink I can see my heart rate bump.
  • Relax! - No fists, relaxed shoulders, etc.
  • Avoid bouncing - yes
  • Don't stress about my heart rate - really! it might actually raise it

^^Long run low heart rate record!!

Heart rate training is fascinating and once you get over the embarrassingly slow, am-I-even-moving, pace thing, it's pretty enjoyable.  I look forward to every work out and wish I could run even more.  #success

"...Build up the distance you can run for, over time, to 10 miles. At first, you may have to slow down within the run to maintain HR, but over the weeks and months, you should note that the running speed begins to remain more stable and you do not have to slow down (so much) to stop your HR rising. In time, the running pace at this HR (and all other HR’s above it) will also improve...

Be patient. Do good work. And improvements will come."

^^Hey girl.  What's your target heart rate number?


On to week #6, a step back.  I wish we were closer to the race itself because I'm still so jazzed about it.  These next months might kill me with anticipation.  Have a wonderful week!  

PS.  I put my phone within arms reach and B3 dropped it.  Soooo I'm phone-less until Tuesday.  Please use email/social media to reach me until then.  Thank goodness for phone insurance, for there is nothing like breaking a brand new NOTE.

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