31 Things in My 31st Year

I am 31!  I had a wonderful birthday, too.

Somehow with B3's 1st birthday on the horizon, I hadn't paid much attention to the fact that I'd be having one FIRST.

Awhile back, my husband told me about this "31 things in my 31st year," etc., idea that his boss's wife has been doing.  I thought it was fabulous.

This isn't a resolution/goals list or a life bucketlist, but rather simpler things that I want to do/ visit/ see in this one single year of life.

31 things that I want to do/ visit/ see while I am 31:

1- Make sushi at home

2- Explore downtown Phoenix with the family in tow

3- Try a stand up paddleboard (SUP)

4- Ride the paddle boats at Tempe Town Lake

5- Visit the Butterfly museum

6- Take B3 to the Phoenix Zoo

7- Take B3 to Disneyland

8- Take my brothers to GLOBE, Arizona

9- Visit a new town/city in Arizona

10- Take the fam for early morning bagels/breakfast and hot chocolate at a cafe

11- Go to a Diamondbacks game

12- Family trip to the aquarium (opens July 2016)

13- Try Top Golf

14- Add to my Deviantart profile

15- Paint a canvas

16- Do yoga (12/1/16)

17- Sew with my sewing machine

18- Do a VLOG post

19- Learn more about lowlight photography

20- 31 day challenge (Junethon again? Blogathon? Journal? Fitness challenge? Grateful journal

Playing the piano? Taking B3 on walks? etc.)

21- Get excited about, and see, a movie in the theaters (sooo...I don't really like going to the

movies...but my husband loves them)

22- Eat from food trucks

23- Hire a non-related babysitter (STRESS)

24- Have a family picnic in the long pond-y park

25- Run in the long pond-y park

26- Take my mom to Organ Stop

27- Pick peaches, apples (etc.)

28- Eat at the Compass Arizona Grill

29- Go on a family run

30- Go on a family hike

31-  Test drive a Land Rover Evoque, BMW X6 (and X4 if there's time!), and Porsche Macan

Mostly I'm just obsessed with lists and crossing things off of them.  So much satisfaction for my left brain and on the flip side it will get us out with our lil B3.

Now which one to do first...


  1. That sounds like a great idea! I just don't know what I would list. I will be turning 31 this year as well so it's not a bad thing to think about.

  2. Nice list, and hope your birthday was great! I love crossing stuff off of lists, too, but lately I've been afraid to make any due to fear of failure, lol.

  3. Fun list - happy birthday! Jennifer @ Run Jenny Run