A 1st Birthday!

Back in 2014 we announced our pregnancy with the image below so we wanted to update it with the image up top.

I cannot believe he is ONE. He is just adorable!  We love him more than we knew we could or even would.  It all sounds so cliche, but it couldn't be more true!  This little boy makes us so happy, and he even sported his birthday crown for us.  ha

B3 didn't really want much to do with his cake.  In fact, he hated having his hands covered in frosting.  lol  But man, WE sure had a ball with it all.

^^I spy a hungry dog.

We spent a week up in Utah and he got sick for the first time.  :(  It was sad!!  And little did I know that he also was popping out another tooth until a few days after his birthday when I saw it.  Needless to say, birthday week turned out to be a little rough.  

Luckily we have mostly recovered, he just has a little runny nose, but at least he's sleeping better.

My sister and Spencer came out to celebrate with us.  Only days before, they unexpectedly lost their dog, Savvy, to unknown causes, so Comet was happy to have Rykar to play with.  We all miss Savvy!

I don't think you can ever really be well prepared for your first child.  We thought we were, but man we just had no idea!!  What a trip this last year has been, a learning time, an exhaustively amazing experience, and as much as I'm grateful to not have to worry about SIDS anymore, I do miss some of those newborn days (and the days when I could sit him on the blanket and he could't move LOL).

And I cannot believe that he ever fit in my belly.

We love you mister Bentley!!


  1. Happy 1st Birthday Bentley! You are adorable!! Love the pictures!

  2. Great blog great family great parents doing great things. Thanks for bringing us Bentley!