Chinese Top Idol - It's Over!

I'm a couple of weeks behind the ball on this post, but my brother made it all the way to the final 6 in the Chinese Top Idol competition!!!  He didn't win and we don't know where he placed exactly, but top 6 is pretty freaking awesome!!

At the end they all had 30 seconds to impress the judges and James did back handsprings.  :D  (He's a former gymnast, I may have failed to ever mention here.)

These pictures are from ETTV Top Idol's Facebook page or my sister's blog (without permission, sorry Jo..may I borrow??).

^^Those are flat screens with their pictures.  So cool.

He got some goodies like a tv and sound bar.  He gave them to his sister (but not the ME sister lol).

I wish we could have made the 5 hour drive to LA, but we were cheering from Phoenix every step of the way.

Thank you to those of you who voted during a couple of the rounds!


  1. Oh wow that is pretty cool! I think it's cool that he even has his own poster. Good job!

  2. What!???! That is so dang cool! What a fun experience!