Eleven Months!

I've kind of blurred what has happened from 10-11 months only, so we'll just go with 10 months to NOW, almost a year!

Little guys is looking so grown up these days.  Last week we moved him up to size 3 diapers and he weighed in at 19-1/2#s, but I feel like he's eating a lot and is healthy.  He's still pretty tall and skinny so in pants he wears 9-12 months but in shorts he still wears 3-6 monthers.

A month ago we dropped his third nap for the most part.  He prefers to party late and sleep in so we usually get up 7-7:30 when I often have to wake him up.  We've got too much cool stuff to do, man!!  All those toys aren't going to play by themselves.  Sometimes we'll all sleep until 9 on Sundays though.  Kind of rare but it does happen!

He's not walking and I don't anticipate he will be for a little while longer, but he is walking along the couch/walls/etc., and is so vocal and proud of himself.  ha!

He still babbles and says momma and dadda for the most part.  

He was sleeping through the night, but I'd say we're 50/50 if he wants a middle of the night bottle.  It's funny because we'll be in bed and I'll whisper "do you want a bottle?" and his volume goes up to 500% when the answer is YES.  And then Ben's awake too.  haha!

We've started to enforce some rules now, for instance that he can't play with the dog bowl.  He will crawl up to it and all I have to do is call his name and tell him to STOP and he'll stop and look at me.  75% of the time he'll turn around so we're still working on that 25%, but I'm rather impressed with his little 11 month self.

I LOVE this stage so, so much.  It's much more difficult to get things done, but I have found ways and luckily our house is pretty knick knack free which helps.

B3 experienced his first monsoon storm and he was pretty concerned about it.

He also experienced fake grass for the first time and hated it.  When it's a tiny bit cooler we'll try again with the real stuff and hopefully he'll warm up to it.  (Even when he's nekked I try to put a hat on him so that he doesn't forget about them and start pulling them off.)

He loves, loves to swim and we take him out probably 5x a week at least.  We've gotta take advantage while the water is bathtub temps.

It took awhile but B3 and Rykar have started to play together.  B3 has always loved Rykar, but I'm pretty sure Ryke was terrified of the loud creature of a human for quite some time.

Church has turned into somewhat of a spectacle:

Dad is definitely the fun parent:

Happy almost birthday, buddy!  We love YOU!


  1. That chopstick picture, lol!

    You're right about getting less done at this stage... and our house is NOT knick-knack free even though I've told the husband to clear his stuff (I'm not a knick-knack person) since the baby was born.

    I'm surprised you can get him to lay still for a photo. My month-by-month photos are not uniform by any means.

  2. I love his little play pen/barricade area!

  3. Happy almost birthday to our little men! I CANNOT believe it. They're just so cute and adorable and so so so sweet!