Groom Creek 1/2 Marathon

This is not the recap that I was planning on writing, boo.

This was a really hard course!!  Holy crap -- HA.  My little brother (in the middle above) was asking about the course and I told him that it was "challenging," basically you may die.

"So I'm probably not going to get a PR?"

"Prolllly not."

My cousin (on the left above) had never run a 1/2 race, so we broke him in with an awesome nightmare.  ;)

So the story is that my IT band ended up being a real problem.  It hadn't ever been an actual problem before so I assumed it just needed to warm up.

By mile two it was a little more noticeable, but I figured it just needed a good 5-6 miles and it'd stop being such a pain (pun...).

Miles 2-6 were like jumping off a cliff STEEP.  I put on the brakes and focused on short, soft strides.  Coming back up was terribly hard (OMG) and the incline must have been a big factor because my knee really hurt.

I was on track to my target finish time until about mile 10 when after some run/walking I was in so much pain that I realized that I may be doing more harm to my marathon training by continuing on and running my knee into a longer recovery.  So instead of my first DNF, I walked.

So that really freaking sucked.  All I thought about was that it was time to pick a new marathon because I couldn't nail my long runs and time is ticking.  Ben called me (who knew you could have 4g in the mountains!!) and then he and B3 walked up and met me for the final 1/2 mile which helped cheer me up a little.  I ended up jogging the last 10 meters so I could beat 2:40 (and because everybody was looking at me lol).  My goal target time was 2:20 since this was supposed to be a training run, but at this point I didn't shiv a git.

It's okay mom.  I love you.

I was worried what my coach would say, but he gave me some hope and said not to throw in the towel yet.  This is why we chose a coach who is also a physical therapist.

The race itself was small, and well put on.  It was fun being up in the mountains where it was a little cooler and quite different than the desert around us.  The crazy thing is this race was just over an hour from our house!!  And the elevation was 5000 feet higher than where we live.

Technically this marks off one of my 31 things while 31 because this was my first time to Prescott.  But I do plan to go back and see more.  My poor brother pulled an all nighter because he works graveyards.  haha!  He kind of needed a nap.

Congrats to my brother who finished 3rd in his age group, and my cousin who finished 4th in his.  They both finished somewhere around 2:00 (which is totally nuts).  Ben was going to run with the stroller while waiting for us but ended up running that evening instead.

Well my knee was on fire the rest of the day but today it is feeling so much better, so I'm going to be optimistic.  :D



  1. Yikes, sorry about the IT band. I've been having a bit of that, too, though probably for different reasons. I'm sure hilly terrain just makes it way worse.

  2. "Shiv a git" hahaha! That sucks about your IT band, but luckily it's your IT band I guess. Mine was very inconsistent. It would hurt so much I couldn't run one day but a few days later it would be fine. Weird. I have hope for you :)

    I hope Brian had fun :)

  3. Groom Creek is where we've been hiking! That race sounds really rough. Sorry about your IT band but I'm glad it's doing better. Good job!