Marathon Training - Weeks 10 & 11

Still plugging away week by week on my training!  It's been up and down, mostly up though!  I'm only 20 miles from my year mileage goal of 500 and I still have over three months left in the year, so you could say that I should be pleased with my post partum comeback.  I really am, too, because I have felt stretched thin lately and lacked in the sleep department (which is the reason for my lack of consistent blogging).

Week 10 I was up in Utah for most of it.  I looooooved running there in Pleasant Grove even though it wasn't exactly flat.  They are into their fall and the weather was cooler than I'm used to running in (it was maybe upper 70s when I ran) so my efforts were decreased so much that I couldn't tell the elevation difference for my Zone 2, which is where I do most of my running.

It was beautiful too.

I did miss one 30 minute run that week due to my left knee.  I've mentioned the knee niggle I've dealt with all year, but it is under control.  Just needed an extra rest day.

This past week I had four runs and it was a step back long run with a couple of faster miles in the middle of it. 

The morning of B3's 1st birthday party we were able to run together since my mom was in town.  :D  I put in 13 and Ben put in I want to say 6...?  I can't remember.  He's doing well since his surgery.

All went perfectly until hours after my long run yesterday, when some IT band (I think) problems showed up in my right knee.  Super random, but painful to bend my knee.

I have a 2:40 long run this weekend that I can't miss if I want to toe the line of the full marathon, so hopefully this week goes well with the knees.  I am feeling optimistic.

This week is week 12 and a little more intense.  We'll see how it goes...


  1. Sorry to hear about the sleep problems lately!! It must be so hard! I am running a couple of times a week now, but yeah, I couldn't imagine training for a marathon at this point. Happy belated to B3 -- so amazing!

    1. I know, can you believe pregnancy was that long ago?

  2. I am new to your blog but just wanted to say what you are doing is so inspiring! Especially with a little one! I have a 9 month old and I am training for a half marathon in January and it can definitely be challenging at times finding the time to fit in all my runs!

  3. Hope your knee is better! Roll, roll, roll!!