Marathon Training - Weeks 8 & 9

Well I'm over half way into my training!!  It's already getting tough for me, a bit earlier than expected.  I had a great week 8 and a rougher week 9.  

During week 8 I took a threshold test which has allowed me to slightly increase my paces for my zones!  YAY.  I woke up at a ridiculous hour to run in 100% humidity + upper 80s as fast as I could.  It was awesome.

My 11+ miler was great (even though it was 111!!!).  Ben and B$ were my aid stations and I had to keep slowing myself down to stay in my zone 2.  It was awesome.  #confidence

So I've finished the base portion of training and am adding more speed/hills at this point.  Towards the end of week 9 I just wasn't feeling it, I dropped the ball on my nutrition, and my legs were tight from my cross training (SO SORE) so my coach cut my long run and I still struggled through every minute of it.  It was so terrible, I had to stop mid way and get a pep talk from Ben.  I could barely hit my paces and they felt miserably hard yet they were SO SLOW.  HOW WILL I DO THIS FOR 26.2 MIIIILES??  $#%*$#

Well the sunset was lovely.

^^Freaking love this time of year.

When I decide to do something, I give it 110% and I have a history of refusing to give up (STUBBORNNESS).  This past week was the first time that I actually thought that maybe I should drop down to the 1/2, but then my husband was like, "absolutely not!  This is a bad run."   Love him.

^^Don't mind the sweaty/sexy hair.  I certainly don't.

It's hard finding time for everything in life, but we shall find a way [in this sleep deprived life]...

This week will be a challenge considering B3 and I are headed up to Utah so I can work from my office.  My mom is pretty excited about it since she gets to babysit!!  Then she flies back with me for somebody's 1st birthday party!!

Hopefully that extra hour of light at night will allow me to fit my runs in without hunting down the PG rec center...

Have a wonderful week and holiday!  There are only a couple of hours left to enter my giveaway found here.

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  1. It's amazing that you can keep up with a training program in [this sleep deprived] life. Seriously, I am in awe!