September Situations

B3 got a lot of awesome gifts for his birthday.  He's pretty spoiled but he's pretty cute too, sooooo.

The most expensive gift he got for his birthday was this:

If you want to be flabbergasted then get a quote for a pool fence.  I have decided to change my career field to pool fencing and become a millionaire after the first job.  But's worth it.

Next I want one more fence to fence off the patio too.  You can't be too careful.

Then a pool camera.

Plus a lifeguard.

Maybe one of those up and down pool floors like you see in Cirque shows, left in the up position.

Anyways, this past month we have had a freeway shooter aiming at random vehicles on the 10.  Nobody's been personally hit, just 11 vehicles.  The "I-10 Shooter."

So that has been a little creepy and B3 and I did have to brave the I10 twice to make it to the airport, but we survived.  I guess school busses have been re-routed to avoid the area and every electronic traffic sign has displayed the shooter tip line.

The shooter has just been caught (allegedly), but I'm not 100% convinced yet.  We will stick to the not I10.

During the shooting mess in Phoenix, B3 and I braved the air together to go up to SLC so I could do some training in my office up there.  My mom was pretty excited to babysit and they'd dropped me off at the train station each morning to go work in the office like old times.

^^He's really into crossing his legs these past weeks.

I mentioned that B3 got sick up in Utah and was secretly popping out another tooth.  This was also the first time I've been away from him (other than China, but he wasn't clingy back then), so it was a rough time for the little guy.  My mom was so great with him!

First time in real grass.  MOM.  What is this.

B3's birthday weekend he matched Ben.

About a week before the birthday party, I got a text at 3 in the morning that my sister's dog collapsed by their bed.  They rushed him to the ER where he was in critical condition.  He didn't make it through the night and passed really quickly that they weren't even able to do any testing on him.

It was really, really, really, really sad.  If you have fur babies then you understand the love we have for them.  They are a part of the family!  Savvy was 8-1/2 years young and it was a shock considering our own Rykar is over 12 years old.

You can read my sister's [sad] post about it here.

RIP sweet Savvy Max Doggy Dog, we love you!

To leave this post on a little happier note, Ben showed this to me and it made me laugh:

Which one are you?  I'm Buddy the Elf.  I've already busted out the Christmas music and started dreaming of the holidays, family adventures, and holiday races.


Have a nice rest of the week!


  1. I'm so sorry about your sister's dog. My fur babies mean the world to me, so I understand.

    What holiday races are you doing?

  2. You guys are so smart to out that fence around your pool!!

  3. I'm totally freaked out that my parents have a pool, but luckily it's only accessible through this one bedroom and not the general yard.

    My boy is always crossing his legs lately, too. Wonder why???

  4. Smart idea to fence that pool off! I just read your sisters post about her fur baby! I feel her pain and feel so bad about his sudden death. I wish our pets could talk so they could tell us when they are not feeling well. RIP SAVVY :(

  5. Oh boy how scary about the shooter. Hopefully they caught the right suspect. Jennifer @ Run Jenny Run

  6. So much to comment on. First, how are you guys?! I love seeing B3's pictures. So handsome. I'm glad you guys got the pool gate, and LOL on becoming a pool gate installer millionaire. How was flying with him? I haven't taken M on a flight since July. Sending positive thoughts to your sister and her family. These pups have our heart forever and ever huh?