Marathon Training - It's Taper Time!

This past week went fast -- as do they all -- and I'm officially into my taper!  It's weird to me that all the training I have done is just that, done-zo, finished, completo.

This week I ran 32ish miles:

  • 45:00 zone 2 run = 4.5 miles w/the fam damily
  • 6x800 repeats @ 7:30 average = 4.51
  • 30:00 decline on the treadmill (no pace) = 2.64
  • Split long run:  12.5 (outdoor race paced) & 7.5 (decline on treadmill with 4 race paced miles)

The split long run is a new thing for me.  I had never heard of it before I hired a coach and was tentative about it at first, until I tried it, that is.  You run 60%ish of the long run, wait, and run the next portion.  It may seem like cheating at first thought, but it's actually quite common and also quite tough.  Your legs are fatigued and nowhere near recovered, and BOOM you head out to finish the run.

If you're interested in reading more, here's an article

^^Night before the long run I set out my life so I can get up and GO

Right now my "race pace" is a high zone 2, low zone 3 pace, which puts me around 9:47, although I've been running a bit closer to 9:30.  I think my zones have changed since I tested in August, but we're sticking to them at least until after the race.

I'll talk more about race goals next week but my #1 goal is to stick to my pending race plan and avoid an overall miserable experience.

I do think I have my race outift ready and gave it a chafe free test drive...

^^Maybe minus the compression socks if the weather forecast is warm.  Two days ago it was, yesterday and today it looks perfect.  Please!  Stay perfect!!  

Always obsessing about the weather.  My experience is the weather can kill the experience though.

Almost there!  Then my training will stop filling your feeds.  At least until I sign up for my next race.  :D

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