Marathon Training - Week 14

Since we're down to my final weeks of training, I am going to update a little more on it.  I know everybody is dying to hear.  hahaha

I just got fitted into a neutral shoe, the Saucony Triumph Iso.  It was between these, the Kinvaras, Brooks Ghost and a New Balance pair...

I nailed my long run this past weekend and I'm so thrilled!  The knee issue I've been dealing with has created doubts so the confidence boost was needed.

Long run:
2 mile warm up + 3x4 miles @ 9:45 pace (top of my zone 2) with 10:00 jogs in between sets + a final cool down Z1/Z2

I finished with 17 miles at a 9:54 pace which is good.  Unfortunately the weather has continued its bizarre streak and the temps are back upwards 100+ again, so when I started out it was already 80, but I guess I'm kind of used to it.  Arizona has been drunk all summer.

^^pomegranate in my oatmeal

Gosh I do wish twilight lasted longer, though.  It's dark, you blink and SUNSHINE.  I ran around my house/block for 20 minutes before I felt it was light enough to dart out of the neighborhood.

Before my start, I drove around planting my frozen water bottles behind a bush where I could figure 8 around them.  At mile 10 I was hot, uphill-ing and my water was GONE.  Rude, I was pissed.  I called Ben in a frantic uproar only to hear his blinker and see him turning the corner to come surprise me with the B$.  Hello TIMING.

Ben live tracks me via my Garmin!

I have been working on this one, it's been a huge problem for me in previous races.  Yesterday I started with a pack of Shot Blocks, then I had four GU throughout, starting at mile 3 (I finally bought salted caramel!).  I would like to be able to take in a GU every 30-45 minutes on race day which is a LOT but so far I have never had any trouble stomaching it.

Yesterday I felt like I could have kept on running forever by time I hit 17, so it helped!

The rest of the week went well and Ben and I took the little guy out on a couple of nighttime family runs.  He sure is cute.  :)  During the week I'm still able to keep the knee strap off, it's just the morning long run that I can't get through without it.  I'm still working on it, hopefully it'll loosen up soon.

<a month!!!

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