Marathon Training - Week 15

17 days!!!  SEVENTEEN.  #seventeen XVII diecisiete 十七 so forth and on.

That means I'm half way into week 16!  Mentally I'm ready to attack it!  Physically I'm close!!  Well close to as close as I'm going to be.  :P

Things are trucking along.  Next week I'll be pulling back a bunch while also doing a few more downhill runs to prepare my legs during my two week taper.  I should mention how happy I am that I'm doing a two week taper, not three.  Three is a major mental game.

Our October has been nuts with monsoons.  Finally.  So nice to run in them!  I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR.

Last week my long run was the same workout as the week before:  17 miles at a 9:55 pace.   The first six were on the treadmill at a decline to get my legs used to some of it and to see how my knee responds.  It was so inflamed the rest of the day but it is doing a little better each week! 

Charlie (coach/PT) scraped my IT band which I had never heard of before.  I've scraped it one more time since and though it leaves my leg literally bruised, I think it may be helping??  I'm still hitting all of my runs and my long runs have been awesome!  On my last one I spent a majority of my time slowing down and hit many of my splits too fast.  I have to pay better attention in these cooler temperatures that are AMAZING TO RUN IN.  Wahoo for 70s.

I was supposed to hit 12 miles at 9:45 and ended up with:  9:41, 9:41, 9:41, 9:41, 9:36, 9:33, 9:44, 9:43, 9:25, 9:33, 9:40, 9:31

I ran half of my long run in my new shoes which were a much softer ride than my Newtons, I was surprised!  They are a little bit heavier, but I think I love them.  They are the Saucony Triumph Iso.

^^^I was just laying there afterwards and some guy came and asked if I was okay.  lol!

My sister was asking how I carry my GU so I thought I'd post it on here in case it can help others.  I pin them to my belt and flip them over so they don't bounce.  Below you can see one flipped over and one just dangling and bouncing in an annoying fashion.

I just tear one off as needed.  I'm fueling about every 45 minutes right now and I've learned that cold water makes me cramp up, so I'm drinking "cool" water.  haha

Always a learning journey, this running stuff.

17 days, time to think about my marathon outfit.  :D

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  1. So close! I think I've tried the pinning gel thing before with mixed results, but maybe I just need to do the flip. Although at this rate, I'm not sure if I will ever need another gel again...