Marathon Training - Weeks 12 & 13

Good news!  During week 12 I surpassed my year mileage goal!  :D

So I'm a month out from the race and I keep having doubting thoughts about it creep into my mind.  I have even entertained the idea of pushing back to another marathon in December, but the real trouble is I spent so much effort into picking a race that by probability would have most things going for me come race day.  

Over the past two weeks I have been chuggin' along and hitting almost all of my runs and nailing all of my paces, but I'm still dealing with that darn IT band issue in my right knee that showed up two weeks ago.  #stupid

I'm still able to run (woot woot), but if I run in the morning then as soon as I stop and my legs tighten up, my knee becomes terribly inflamed, which lasts alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day, but the pain recedes overnight.

When I run during the week my knee is fine, which leads me to think that it's because I run in the evening and my knee is plenty warmed up by then.  (???) 

This past week 13 Charlie (who is my coach) broke the long run into two consecutive days.  I've never done this before, but it allowed my knee to recover overnight, but then I was headed right back out on fatigued legs while hitting my same paces.  It was interesting, and surprisingly not as easy as I thought it be.

I sucked at capturing my training in pictures.  It happens.  I also never talk about my strength training, but it happens too!

BUT still going strong, still putting on an optimistic front in hopes that it'll influence my knee into showing signs of improvement so I can get something good and LONG in.  

Do I want this??  YES!

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