October Activities

Things have been so busy these days which means the blog doesn't get attention that I want to give it!  That being said, here is an October bulleted update:

  • Work has been really busy lately.  I'm working on a couple of projects, one being the new stadium at Utah State!  That's pretty fun since I have family and roots in Logan and my grandparents were heavily involved in USU and even taught there before passing away.  I'm an Aggie at heart.

  • Bentley sure is adorable and walking everywhere.  He is SO CUTE.  Gosh, I never had any idea the cuteness that would engulf my life by having a child.  The Frankenstein walk is my favorite, arms out and all.

  • At his 1 year appointment we found out B3 still is tiny <5% (^^^he's wearing 3 month shorts) that he's now on the same diet as my brothers, GET SWOLE.  He's healthy that the doctor thinks it's just his genetics but to be safe we're loading him up with the Pediasure everyday.

  • I'm really bothered by this one.  I found a scorpion inside by the patio sliding glass door yesterday.  We haven't had one in the house since we moved in and hired an exterminator so I was REALLY not happy about it since B3 plays all over the floor.  I've left the patio door open lately because of the cooler weather and it's not sealed very well, so I'm sure that's where it came from.  We had a torrential storm and the exterminator said that it flushes them out when it floods, plus the extra hot temps we have had.  Tomorrow the exterminator will be back out because I don't even want them in my yard!  Meanwhile I switched the patio door for the windows.  Tough luck getting in through the windows, suckers.

  • Marathon training has taken over a lot of our spare time (less than a month to go!!).  The days are almost too short to run in the morning or night on workdays (no light), so often Ben gets home and I jump on the treadmill and then we switch.  Some days I don't get my cross training in until after 9pm, but we're managing and we are so excited about some PRs this next year+ will hold.  As for our long run, Ben has to get up beyond early and run in the dark so I can hit the road right at dawn since my long runs are 2-3 hours and it's still in the 90s these days, but cooling soon (I hope).  I never run alone in the dark, by choice.

  • My knee is kind of holding up and Ben has had some numbness back in his foot so we're meeting with our coach/PT this weekend.  I have been wearing the knee strap which is the only way I can get through my long runs, but I dare say my knee is getting a little better/looser?  I'm still nailing every run!

  • I'm playing the organ for a session of our stake conference this weekend and my wonderful mama gave me a lot of new organ prelude music that over the last couple of weeks I've tried to get a little organ practice time in so I don't slaughter it.  I wish I owned my own organ, but luckily my brother has a church building key.  :D  One of my favorite parts about General Conference is the ORGAN.  The hardest thing for me is holding back from playing PHANTOM OF THE OPERA.  Or INSPECTOR GADGET.

  • This week Ben and I went on a family run which knocks off one more thing on my 31 while 31 list.  I sure am enjoying making weekend plans to cross items off.  This weekend we'll finally see THE MARTIAN which we both read the book and loved.  STOKED.  I usually hate movies too.  31 while 31 

Alright, back to work and the B$ just fell asleep.  Awwwh how cute, life is busy but good.  :]  

Happy TGIaF.


  1. He doesn't look that small to me! My biggish boy can still wear 6 month shorts (he's 20+ lbs), so the 3 month shorts... probably not a big deal. I've seen your brothers... definitely genetics, lol. But some Pediasure sounds tasty!

  2. I am so impressed with your workout motivation!!

  3. I love this whole post! How cool is that that you get to work on the USU stadium AND that you play the organ...AND that you're training for a marathon. So cool! I would absolutely DIE if I found a scorpion in the house, especially with a little baby wandering around. I hope your exterminator can fix things, I wouldn't want them in my yard either. I'm a little paranoid. Your cute little guy is a DOLL! My baby just started officially walking tonight!