The Ultimate October

Last week Ben and I took a couple of days off work for no reason other than to party.  We should do that more often, it was a freaking fun family time.  Plus the weather rocked!  It's about time we get some lovely weathers.

It's kind of an off feeling when you go about Saturday festivities on a regular weekday.  I could definitely get used to it if we could just win the lottery one of these days.

On my list of 31 things while 31 was TOP GOLF.  It's like the game of bowling, but rather than a bowling ball, you golf for the points by hitting targets (the golf balls have microchips in them).

^^Injectable donut holes

Don't get me wrong, I can hit a golf ball just fine, but I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing when I'm doing it.  Ben and I secretly aspire to be retiree golfers one day.

It's a little on the pricey side, but it was SO FUN.  I am excited to try it out again, maybe not to come in last place every time, but to play against somebody I can beat.  Maybe a child.  Bentley.

Two years ago we dressed like zombies for Halloween, went downtown and did the mile Zombie Walk in Phoenix, with a bazillion other zombies.  This year we decided to try it again because next year B3 will probably be terrified of scary stuff and we'll have to trade in our zombie ways for some [mask and gore free] Trunk or Treating.

B3 was quite unfazed, he just wanted us to put him down so he could do his own WALKIN'.  I don't know how he wasn't afraid because I kinda was.  lol

In other random happenings, each fall for the past four years, my boss and I have made bets over the ASU vs. UofU football games.  Each year ASU has pulled through and we have enjoyed plenty of free ice cream and Chipotle gift cards!!  (Ben went to ASU.)

This year I was quite nervous because the U was totally rocking and undefeated, so I didn't even follow the game at all because I was that concerned (and we don't have TV...I could have use the internets...but still).

Turns out I had room for such concern.  :(  Boo.

A few months back I won a Zippity Zip on Janetha's blog which I was so so excited for!  I wanted to buy B3 one when he was two months but they had just gone on Shark Tank and were totally sold out.

Since he's bigger I decided to go for the squirrel suit with arms/feet holes.  :D  It was the first night in B3 history of life where he slept the entire night in his bed.  I think he liked his blanket pjs, but he's growing up too fast.  :*(  :*(

Other weekend happenings that are newsworthy in my exciting world, Ben fixed the broken slate which was a 2015 goal of mine!!  Kinda funny since the goal had nothing to do with me.  lol

Thanks baby!

^^He has become quite a daddy's boy.  I am not sure how I feel about that.

I also found this trick to cleaning your grout (thank you Pinterest)!  When we moved in we had a floor cleaner quote like $1500 to clean the grout.  #getoutnow  If you use the carpet cleaner RESOLVE, and scrub it, it's brand new grout.  It actually works!

2015 goals ✓✓

One more B3 picture for cute measure.  :]


  1. What a great idea to take a few days off!! LOVE seeing you all so happy! Sorry I don't comment much, but I do read all your posts and follow your training closely. The marathon is just around th corner, soo excited for you!!!

  2. Looks like life is good for you and your family! I did not know the trick to cleaning grout! Thank you for that! Your photos are always perfect and say so much! Now if I can just figure out this Garmin Connect stuff!!

  3. I've always wondered what Top Golf was, It sounds way cool! You guys are brave to do that zombie walk!