Before & After: Parenthood

Sometimes I spend a lot of time reflecting.

 Before parenthood: 

  1. Anything before 9am is early!
  2. I will work tirelessly to lose the baby weight as fast as humanly possible.  Priority #2!
  3. 9pm?  Let's go out!  Time to par-tay.
  4. I don't like this getting old program.
  5. Eh, I didn't sleep very well last night.
  6. Oh my gosh my dog is the cutest thing on the planet.
  7. My dog is expensive, though.
  8. My kids will NEVER watch Barney.  Barney is stupid.
  9. I was sleep deprived in college.
  10. I will always make time for a shower and a little me time.
  11. I have to wake up in 5 hours.  Ugh.
  12. I'm sick, I'll be in bed watching Netflix until further notice.
  13. We'll get our babies on sleep schedules as quickly as possible.
  14. I can handle an all nighter.
  15. I know a lot.
  16. I'm happy!

A year ago!


  1. 9am?  Time for a mid morning snack!
  2. Oh.  That baby weight.  Priority #32.
  3. 9pm -- you mean midnight.
  4. I aged five years in one month.
  5. I slept amazingly last night.  Only got up four times.  #record
  6. Oh my gosh my kid is WAY cuter than my dog!?
  7. $40 for a box of diapers!?  Eff.
  8. He likes Barney...we'll go with it..
  9. I wish I could sleep all weekend long like I did in college!
  10. Shower?  My greasy hair looks freshly washed.
  11. I have to wake up in 1 hour and 15 minutes to pump.
  12. I'm sick so what. 
  13. My baby has acid reflux and only sleeps when held.
  14. I have pulled all nighters for three weeks.
  15. I know nothing.
  16. I've really never been happier.  

He's a little more grown this year, but I love our cute little Santa.  Worth it all and more!!!  Can't wait to do the whole newborn exhaustion all over again some day.  Crazy talk?