Nifty November

I usually put up Christmas decorations November 1st, or the first weekend after Halloween.  Ben pretends he doesn't want them up yet, but deep down he secretly dreams of turning the corner each drearily dark work morning and seeing CHRISTMAS in the family room.  I know he now enters with a giant smile plastered on his face.

This time the decorations all waited until after the Cali trip/race, but it went up and I love it!  The tree is kind of redneck since I found out early on, after baby facial scratches, that the ornaments couldn't cover the bottom 1/3.  And we still don't have enough garland, but I don't really care.

Our stockings are hung by a Gino Savarino piece with care.

(Sorry Dallin BYOS)

The original pink shoe tree sits by my desk if you can even see it midst the child fun.

The mall has their decorations up (great minds think alike).  This past weekend we decided to check off another thing on my list (31 while 31) and get morning breakfast/bagels at a cafe.  (This whole 31 while 31 list thing is the bomb.  Ben is also going to do one next year.)

We chose a place called Elevate Coffee.  Eh, we probably won't be back, but the weather was beautiful if slightly chilly, and B3 was in heaven roaming the sidewalks as he pleased.  I wish posting a video was as simple as a picture because he just babbles in his high voice while he walks.  Adorable!

Our coach (Charlie) ran Ironman this past weekend and we decided to head down and cheer him on at the finish.  The weather was so cold and it was a downpour for most of the day.  We heard a lot of athletes were dropping out due to hypothermia which I'm sure was a huge disappointment after all that training, I can't even imagine!

It was awesome to watch them finish!  They start between 6:30-7am and have until midnight to cross the finish line!  Insanely amazing.

Over the weekend Ben also upgraded our medal rack since our last one was so full.  Look how humongous the Revel medals are in comparison.  Even the huge Disney medals are smaller.  Must run more Revel.

A couple more pics from California and I am done for now...

Poor B3 is miserably sick for the first time (probably a souvenir from Disneyland) so I'm hoping he starts to feel a little better this weekend.   The doctor thinks it could be croup, and it's breaking our hearts!!

Have a fabulous Thursday -- don't freeze!!


  1. 1. So funny that your dog has a stocking too!
    2. My dad had to drop out of an ironman once due to hypothermia- major bummer!
    3. Scary if B3 has croup! Bear had that last year at this same time and ended up in the hospital for a few days :(