The Land of Disney

Last week we took the little guy to Disneyland!  (✓31 while 31)  He's at the age where he's still not sure what the heck is going on at a theme park, but he's intrigued.

He wasn't afraid of the characters, but I think he thought they were totally weird...

My sister is friends with many of the characters.  ;)

We were insanely excited to take him on rides!!!  HA.  So first off was the Merry Go Round and he actually seemed to really like it.  He also still seemed confused about what all the craziness and hype was about, but he went with it, just looked all around.


My mom is so cute.

Never before have the boring rides been so un-boring and exciting.  :]

Pretty sure his favorite ride was It's A Small World!  It was all decked out for Christmas already, so that was fun.  They sure go all out.  I read Christmas at Disneyland doesn't officially start until a week later, but the tree was up and decorations galore + Christmas music playing, so I was a happy camper.

I think the pics of my sis holding him are super cute.

^^Just staring at the ride as it went by.

My family has a history with Farley the Fiddler!!  We used to go to Disneyland as young kids some 20+ years ago and we loved him and his "Turkey in the straw, ha ha haaa, turkey in the hay, hey hey hey!" song.

Fast forward to when my sister first worked at Disney, she got to be friends with him and told him how we all loved him growing up.  One day she heard him playing a hymn on his fiddle and was like..."wait a second...are you LDS?!"  And he is!  A convert.  So that's fun.

My sister wanted to track him down, which we did, and when he started playing his famous song on the fiddle for us, B3 started CRYING.  It scared him to death!!  It was so cutely sad.  Farley is pretty awesome.

We made it until we got cold, exhausted, and those of us who ran were having some walking issues, before we decided it was time to head out.

It's a good thing we bought B3 some hoodies before the trip.  He seriously has no really cold weather clothes...

First time to Disneyland = success!!

Goodness we love taking this little boy around and watching him learn and soak it all up.  What a great time and fun memories!  Same time next year?


  1. Awwwe, yay! I love the pics!! Too cute that he has a Mickey stuffed animal now!

  2. Your whole family is adorable!

  3. SOOOOO cute! His unimpressed face was my favorite. M has a stuffed Mickey too, and he waves at him and says hi haha! I can't wait to take him to Disney!