Days of December

Another bulleted update, in no particular order:

  • Last week Ben and I took some time off to hang out again.  It's the best feeling when Sunday night rolls around and you don't get that Sunday night gloom.  Wahoo!  We hit up Top Golf with Dallin and Emily, his lovely lady.  The weather was so nice!!  (It has since gotten pretty cold.)

  • I have to get 120% serious about my 2015 goals that are almost but not quite done.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute!!  This year one thing I've learned about myself is that project procrastination is often because I'm too cheap to spend the money.  I am SO CHEAP.  Just ask Ben.  Like the kind of SO CHEAP that isn't a good thing.

  • My most favorite thing about Christmas is HOME ALONE.  I put it on every day and that is no lie!!  Bentz loves it too, except he's not a huge fan of Buzz or when Marv gets electrocuted in the NYC house in #2.  Haha 


I think since B3 loves Home Alone that we'll have to watch it year round.  (What do you say Ben??)

  • You thought you might get a whole post without any running talk nonsense, but no.    Training is going great and I am pretty excited because this weekend I have a 12 miler with seven of those miles in the 8:xx range.  Considering my long runs were in the 10:xx range a few months back (but it was also a freaking sauna out), that's awesome.  We've increased my zone paces since the marathon and I hope I don't plateau for awhile and can see a lot of progress this spring too, with my first goal race in 10-1/2 weeks.

^^^Saturday morning runs are one of the best parts of the week.  Can you spot the hot air balloons?
FYI - tomorrow (12/16) Rock 'n' Roll goes on sale, the "lowest prices of the year," for one day only!

  • If you aren't listening to Pentatonix's Christmas album, you still have time!!  I think I saw it was #2 behind Adele on Itunes.  They are amazing.

  • We're going through another round of teething... molars. Three of them that I can feel just breaking through, so B3 is back in our bed so we can all get some rest.  He sure doesn't eat well when he's teething either.  Poor little champ.  I did surprise him with his new Crocs and that put some pep in his step.  

That's not all but that's all for now.

Have a nice night!

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