Hot Chocolate 15k - Phoenix / Scottsdale

A Friday night blog entry.  I still got a post in this week!  I am winning at life.  

Except that it's Friday night.  :P

Last weekend I ran the Hot Chocolate 15k which was a really fun race!  Since the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot would have made us late to our out of town lunch, I signed up for this one instead.  I paid $75 <two weeks out from race day, which surprisingly was still <$10 a mile, and the race had a bunch of perks too!:

  • free pictures
  • really nice jackets
  • marshmallows, chocolate, and other kinds of treats were given out on the course
  • a chocolate finisher's mug at the finish with a lot of chocolate treats, hot chocolate, and fondue
  • well organized  
  • corral separations requiring proof of times 
  • flat course
  • beautiful December weather (if not a little warm for the 8:15 start though)
  • not too big, not too small, maybe 5-6000 people between the 5k and 15k
  • 5k and 15k start 75 minutes apart so there's not much overlap (there was a little for the slower 5k walkers)

If you skipped all that, basically you should run the Hot Chocolate run.

^^The expo was held at the ballpark where spring training takes place.  Perfect time of year to have the expo outdoors.

The recommended time to get to the actual race was by 7am for the 8:15 15k start, but since Ben wasn't running, the worst case scenario would have been he would drop me, so we rolled up after 7:30 and there was zero traffic.  HA  #sleepinginforthewin


Now freaking HOT. hahaha runner problems

I had no plans to race this one, my goal was to run the middle three miles at an 8:45 and use the race as a tempo run with the rest of the miles in the 9s.  When I don't "race," I don't religiously obsess over my watch and I run by feel (which often results in better times, honestly.)  When I got to the middle miles, I was already running my tempo pace by feel so I decided to just stick with it.  My legs aren't used to these paces for more than 3-ish miles at a time, so I could feel them fatiguing by the end (probably thanks to miles 6-7 as Charlie pointed out), but I loved it all and can't wait to see my progress this year with the 1/2 marathon!!

Speaking of!!  Too bad this wasn't a half, it would have been a PR even if I fell apart at the end!  I am not as fast as pre-pregnancy (yet!!), but my mental strength is stronger now.  It's crazy how it can make such a big difference.

8:41  <---stopped at the aid station and destroyed my negative splits that I didn't know I had going on
2:26 (8:06)
Total:  9.3 miles in 1:21:04 @ 8:42 (official)

The medals were sweet too... ...

This was my first 15k and I loved the distance.  I wish it was a more common race distance because being just under that 10 mile mark makes it feel "short," but not too short like the 10k.  I know it's all relative since a 5k was long for me a year ago, but you catch my drift.

I spy...

Afterwards B3 just wanted my chocolate goods.  As much as I LOVE chocolate, it's hard to gobble it up post race, but we did nibble on it.  But man the hot chocolate was delish.  And double man, I sure love my little family!  It's not as fun to race alone, but it's sure fun having them there to cheer me on.

5 weeks until our next race, a Rock 'n' Roll 1/2. Let's hope we can keep it together over the holidays (as I'm eating a cookie).

Have a fabulous weekend!

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