Recovery & Running: Up Next?

The race is long gone (not from my mind!!) but I still want to finish up my final training, week #18, + my recovery and what's next.  People don't really talk as much about recovery for some reason, including mwah.  It's like RACE!!!...silence... 

Rewinding to race week (week a whole month ago):

  • 30:00 no paced 3% downhill = 2.85 miles @ 10:31
  • 4x800s @ a little slower pace = 3.25 miles around 8:00 pace
  • 20:00 shake out = 1.81 miles = 11:02 
  • MARATHON = 26.24 miles = 9:36  = 4:11 

Total training cycle miles:  408.57

I took a week off after the race.  Charlie said it could be close to three weeks before I was fully recovered, about one recovery day per each mile raced (recovery day, not rest day #difference).  A week later my calves were still tight but I felt pretty good by two.  Having a coach has been awesome because I have learned a lot and it helps me stay accountable!!

I've had friends ask how I find motivation these days.  I've thought about it and I think it boils down to not being able to run through most of my pregnancy, which has in turn given me an extra boost of motivation while I am not pregnant, because I realize it will be a vicious cycle of high/low fitness over the upcoming years as we try to grow our family.  Also, HAVING A TREADMILL.  Putting it IN THE LIVING ROOM.  haha  Definitely not Pinterest worthy but it works!!

We also bought a Rogue set for the garage last year, so that allows us to workout together after B3 goes to sleep.


Goal race:  1/2 marathon PR at the Phoenix Marathon in February (family are you in?  it sells out so we need to register soon)

Between now and then a Hot Chocolate 15k this weekend (my first ever 15k!), maybe a Jingle Bell run? then the PF Chang's Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 in January.  I think Ben may even do the Rock 'n' Roll Remix Challenge = 5k + 1/2 marathon = 3 blings.

So fun, this running obsession.  You should join in!!!

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  1. Those look like some fun goal races ahead! I, on the other hand, tried to run 3 1/2 miles this morning and got side-stitched.