Shoe Love [is True Love]

B3 is obsessed with shoes.  Gee I don't know where he got that from, but he carries his shoes everywhere, chews on them constantly (choose your battles), and when we put them on him he just comes to life stomping and staring at them on his feet.  Not to mention the increasing intensity of babbling when his shoes go on those little feet.

OHHH MAAS, AHH YEEN  <-- his famous babble words

Every night I line up his favorite toys of the moment, on the coffee table, so when he wakes up he can get excited about them all over again (and DOES he).  Every night his tennis shoes make it to the edge of the table, and every morning they are the first thing he goes for.  Then they go in his mouth.  :D


He tried on plain black, but you know his mom, we went for bright blue.  He loves loves these boots and even though they weigh 25 lbs and are a tiny bit big for some rapid winter growth, he stomps up a storm and babbles his way throughout every single day since.

Wearing his tennis shoes while playing with his boots...


Stacking all footwear in the carseat... 

ENTER:  NEW STAR WARS CROCS (yes those horrible shoes that are somehow so freaking cute when tiny)

He doesn't know about these ones yet, actually.  We just picked them up yesterday.

Maybe we will add them to the lineup tonight.  TBC...


  1. That is hilarious! He is the perfect child for you!

  2. Cute shoes! It's so hard to shoe-shop for a non-walking-yet 13 month old!