2016 - New Year's Resolutions & Goals!

Happy New Year!!  I'm for reals typing up some goals at 12:30am so I can get a jump start on them tomorrow!  Or today, I guess.  So goals & resolutions for this year!!

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  • Run 1000 miles - legs permitting.  no pressure, just motivation!
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  • Run 8 races - any distances.  we have seven planned, so I need one more (Hot Chocolate 15k?  Shamrock 4 miler?  Turkey Trot?).

  • 2x PR the 1/2 marathon - Two goal races:  Phoenix 1/2 and the Revel Big Cottonwood.  My 2016 time goal is 1:4x.

  • PR the marathon - sub 4:11.  I want a 3:xx plus a smart and strong race like I had at Canyon City.  I will be giving the marathon two shots this year, in May and November!

  • Read 8 books - including 1 new-ish genre.  reading has taken a back seat these days.  i've finally accepted it.

  • Write 1 new song - or cover a song.  i have just realized that I feel guilty when I play the piano because there are always five million things that need to be done.  this year I refuse to feel guilty anymore!  it is okay for some things life to be a higher priority than attempting to have a clean house [with a toddler]. 

  • Print 2 years of blog books - I am three years behind.  I love love our collection of blogbooks.  I still use BLOG2PRINT.COM because they are so quick to make and the quality is pretty good.

  • Do something with the front room/office area - window treatments + new grout + rug?  Turn it into an official play room?  Remove the couches??  WHAT TO DO??  Something.

  • Make the guest bathroom more guest worthy - new towel set + new rugs?  It's Rykar's room but there has to be a happy medium.  When we visit my mom's house, they always have the most welcoming bathrooms with all sorts of everything you could ever need.  Plus the most amazingly soft and adorable rugs.
^^I did not choose green for our guest bathroom.  The green chose us.

  • Keep the master bath cleaner - B3 turns that place upside down in two seconds flat so I spend the very least amount of time possible in there.  His favorite thing is to empty my drawers!  I really should just hire a cleaning lady.  We'd also like to redo the master bath, but that's a big goal to make (the WHOLE thing is wallpaper) so I'm leaving it off for now.

  • Keep blogging - about whatever.  having a child has changed my views on the interwebz and sharing interwebzily, but I'm not ready to retire this little place!!  it's fun and it motivates me.  

  • Drink more water - I drank a ton while pregnant, I'm not so great these days.  I actually suck at it.

  • Get back to meal planning - it keeps us on track, I just don't like the work involved.   Not every single day of meals because that was exhausting, maybe 3x a week?  And no wasting leftovers.

  • Whiten my teeth - again please

  • Just be ME.  - no disclaimers, no worries what people think, no fear, no waiting for somebody to do it for me, no guilt, no being a push over, just raw me.  

  • Be positive and trust everybody means well - except on the road.  i don't trust anybody on the road.

  • Just be a better person - sometimes I feel like I am falling so short of this.  having a baby has changed me in so many ways including the level of empathy I feel towards everything.  it's hard to explain and I'm horrible with words (can I explain myself through numbers??), but it's been one of the best things that will ever happen to me.

Bring on 2016!


  1. I love all of your goals! 1000 miles in 2016 is amazing! I'm also amazed you're running two marathons. So cool. I need to print some blog books too! I'm going to check out that website you mentioned. ;-)

  2. Wow! If I can reach 10% of your mileage goal, I will have given myself a gold star!

    I totally could use a teeth whitening -- sadly have not fully weaned yet and coffee is still a necessity.

  3. There's a place to print your blog?! Whaaaat?! That's pretty cool. And very cool that you're a musician. That's awesome.

    Where did you find that mile tracker? I need something like that!