Christmas Time Was Here

It was a white Christmas, that's for sure!  This was Christmas eve as we were getting dumped on in the Utah County area.  Good thing Santa can fly! 

Christmas Eve is hands down my most favorite day of the entire year!  The anticipation is still there, the thoughts of family time winding down have yet to hit, and it's just right in the middle of the holiday fun.

This year we had a really fun Christmas Eve, all waking up and and heading to the local community center in the morning.  My family all learned to play pickleball since my mom is a pro, while I got my run in upstairs on the little track (like 35 laps!  my poor IT band).

B3 went to childcare for his first time...ever?   I thought he'd hate me leaving him, but when I went in there and sat down with him, he got so excited about the toys and that was that.  BYE MOM.

After my run I walked past the childcare center and he was sitting on a lady's lap getting read to and he looked so happy and content.  Our little champ.   So I added on another half hour of childcare time since it was a whole $1.  haha 

Christmas Eve day was so beautiful and sunny!  It snowed every other day we were in Utah, so the air was clean and the views were clear on Christmas Eve (before the next snow storm rolled in).

My latest workout move.

Then my family played SHITZU.  Almost like HORSE but way more fun.  You know, it sucks when you're S-H-I-T-Z...

Christmas Eve we always play games together (Bingo, LCR, Trivia).  I took a picture of the moment in time that I had a lot of dollars compared to everybody' else's nothings, but I still never won a freaking game.   Dallin won four rounds.  Lucky bum.

We built our traditional gingerbread houses.  I always plan to research ahead of time yet I fail to do so and end up with a boring house.  Next year.  Next year.

Order:  Spencer (not quite done picture), Jolie, James, me, my mom, Ben, Dallin.

Meanwhile outside...

Christmas morning!

Started like last year.

How to wrap a toddler's gift...

Christmas afternoon we head up to see my dad!  B3 was pretty excited about his first BMW.    Gosh he's our favorite!

I wish I had captured more moments on camera of the actual Christmas day.  Sure love our family.  What a fantastic day!

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  1. Love all the snow!! Looks like you had a fabulous Christmas. Happy New Year!!