Final Review of 2015's Resolutions

That was a fast year!  Is that a good excuse?  hahaha


  • ✓ Run 500 miles!  I ran over 300 miles past my goal finishing with 822 for the year!  It must've been too lax of a goal, but I started the year with bad plantar fasciitis in both feet when trying to make a comeback from pregnancy, so I'm happy I made a realistic goal at the time.

LilySlim Fitness goals tickers

  • ✓ Get my abs into shape.

  • ✓ Adopt the 3+2 program (3x run + 2x cross train):  This worked until I hired a coach.  Now my training is not up to me, which is ah-maz-ing.  Just log onto Training Peaks and do the workout scheduled specifically for me and my goals.

  • ✓ Adopt a weekly clean eating lifestyle:  I did really well at this until my mileage reached the "hungry" levels.  Now I can eat a little more of whatever without it affecting me, but I do keep this in mind.

  • ✓ Get to China trained but injury free:  We went to China??  #wasitadream  


        • ✓ Adopt a daily [deep] cleaning schedule list:  K, so I was a little too ambitious when I set this goal (and my child was not yet mobile, and I think work was a little slower, and and and).  HOWEVER, I have made great strides this year with the end of the day clean up so that Ben wakes up to a much tidier house.  That being said, ✓.

        • Read 10 books:  Giant fail.  I read 5.  I mean FIVE.  Small numbers are spelled out.  However, one got a five star rating from me and I have done that like twice because I am a harsh critic when it comes to book LOVE.

        • ✓ Pump/nurse for 6 months (March 13):  this was 2015?

        • ✓ Finish the nursery - New Year's Eve is still 2015, check mark.  Thank you resolutions for motivating me to get it done even though I did put the monkeys off until day 365.  The monkeys were drawn by my brother in law!  And the other canvases I did in Photoshop.
        ^^Remember BAG?

        • ✓ Whiten my teeth (post nursing) - Ready for another round.

        • ✓ Decorate my work space
        As you may recall, I drew my wall up in AutoCAD a year ago, gathered frames and pictures throughout the year, and FINALLY got it all up.  Well...I had some problems with the large frame mattes so the large pics will go back in the frames this weekend.

          Pictures sure make it look cluttery.  

          (We painted those canvases by the window.)

          ^^1-Without music life would be ♭.  2-Run the World.  3-Keep your heels, head, and standards high.  4-Act like a lady, think like an engineer.

          Remember when it looked like this below??  bahaha

          • ✓ Grow out my hair:  Done!  Shall continue a little longer.

          • ✓ Do something with the front yard/entry -  Slate is FIXED (thanks Ben!!).  We have a yard crew!  The tree thing will wait.  I noticed a lot of our neighbors' front yards are also tree-less, and the HOA never has said anything.  

          • ✓ Get back into blogging mode/redesign blog:  Redesigned the place.  Got into more blogging, burned out of it, all in like five minutes!  I decided to go back to how I always was:  blogging when I wanted about whatever I wanted.

          • ✓ Get back to Nikon pictures:  I don't know if I can consider this one a success, but whatever.  My life is less exciting (but also MORE so in terms of satisfaction).  The camera makes it to vacations, races, and bigger outings.  My phone takes 12943744 pictures per day, otherwise, and since it also backs up immediately to Google Photos, it's worth the trade off for the extra security.  If you don't use Google Photos, you must start immediately!!

          • Write/orchestrate two new pieces:  I suck.    There is always next year.  However, two is pretty ambitious as far as life goes right now.  Finding spare time to concentrate 100% is hard to do.
          The song I started covering:

          • Be more positive/kind/optimistic/forgiving around the clock:  Can this one ever get a 

          I'm going to say I only failed at two of the 17 goals for the year.  If I was in school that would be an 88% or a B+, which honestly would not make me happy, but since I'm not in school I'm going to plant a smile on my face and call it a great year!

          I've heard that if you don't write out your goals, the chances of succeeding at them are much smaller.  I am a believer!  Take it an extra step further and publicize them to the world wide webosphere and it really helps you not to forget them.

          Time for 2016!!  You can see my resolutions/goals here.

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          1. Wow, 2 out of 17 is pretty great. Better than I ever do, that's for sure. The nursery and office look great!