Rock 'n' Roll Arizona 1/2 + 5k

We ran PF Chang's Rock 'n' Roll, which apparently isn't P.F. Chang's anymore, buuuuut still, Ben ran the remix challenge (5k + 1/2) and I ran the 1/2.

Last time we ran this we got stuck in the thick of horrendous traffic and got to the start line five minutes early.  This race is pretty huge, maybe 20,000+ people, so this year we tried parking at the finish, which is 1.5 miles from the start, used the bathrooms there (no lines!), and used that distance to the start line as a part of our warm up.  The bathroom lines at the start were absolutely atrocious so this plan worked perfectly!!  #somebodysagenius  

Before each race Ben and I make race plans/strategies with Charlie who coaches us.  This wasn't a goal race for me but I was still planning to push myself.  Based on that I was supposed to start out around 9:10 miles and drop down to 9:00 after 4-5 miles.  There is a hill at mile 8.5 and after that hill I was to pick it up if I was feeling good, and kick it to the finish for a 1:59 or faster.

Ben's still working his way back from back surgery, so each race he takes a couple of minutes off from the last one.  His last half he ran a 1:45 so he was set up to run a 1:43.

My pacing was pretty erratic to get me around 9:00 miles for the first half.  Every time I checked my watch I had to slow down, which sometimes is a nice thing but still a thing when you have a million miles until the finish.  After the hill I just let myself ruuuuun and I felt really great and settled in around 8:35.

Throughout the course I took three GU:  3, 7, 10 miles, and I drank water at every aid station, and Gatorade at mile 6ish.  My stomach handles it all well and I find it really beneficial to fuel every 3-4 miles.

8:58 <---hill

Official time:  1:54:57 @ 8:46 
A new official PR for me!

Ben's official:  1:40:32 @ 7:40
Good races for us both.  Wahoo!

I should have hired a coach a long, long time ago!  This was my fastest half race (of 9 I think), yet my easiest effort wise.  I never loathed the distance still ahead of me and my legs never fatigued which I'm sure comes down to the 15 mile long runs in training.

As for the course, it really isn't anything fancy but you do get some pretty views when you hit the very top, then some desert scenery for the last few miles.  It's one of those courses you might easily forget, but the elevation is fairly simple and the weather was perfect.  Not to mention the awesome running atmosphere!!!  I wanna do it again this weekend why must I wait another yeaaaaar.

Rewind to the day before when Ben ran the 5k as part of the challenge, while B3 and I cheered him on.  It was cold but quite fun!

Ben picked up his 5k bib at the race, but afterwards we still had to hit up the expo for the half.  I love expos and am not sick of them yet because I love anything running, obviously, so we walked around and ran into my favorite news people from Fox 10 Phoenix who I already felt like I knew (HA) and who acted like we had been friends for years.  They're awesome!

Rock 'N' Roll medals never disappoint.  One year we'll dedicate to getting their heavy medals because they are indeed HEAVY and massive.  I swear some are over 5 lbs!

Now we're just over five weeks until Phoenix and I'm a little nervous for that one because it IS a goal race and I really want a PR there!  I don't think I'll have trouble getting one unless it's a terrrrrrible day, whereas at PF Chang's I knew even on an off day I could still beat 2:00.  So basically now I NEED a good race so I can beat 1:54, however my actual time goal tbd when we get a little closer to it.

Have a lovely humpday!  I think B3 and I are going on a little jog around the town before it gets dark.  He's such a champ, turns out he grew 8 teeth in one month for a grand total of 16.  Poor guy!  


  1. I still call it PF Chang's! I can't help it. Congrats on your PR! Very exciting. :)

  2. Way to go! also totally awesome medals, Rock N Roll doesnt disappoint

  3. Nice work and congrats on the PR!

  4. Very nice work for both of you. I still call it pf changs, they do a great job putting on races. I still think whoever creates the course laughs hysterically at the hill at Mike 10, it's a joke lol. I agree, miles 1-9 are pretty underwhelming but the papago area is always great. Now onto Phx!!