The quickest 16 months ever.

Yesterday I took B3 on a walk around the block.  You'd think it'd only take a few minutes to walk 600 meters but not with a toddler who likes to walk up and down each driveway multiple times!  But he's so cute that I don't mind!!  Do it again little man, FIVE MORE TIMES AT LEAST.

I may have picked him up to skip over a few driveways after like 30 minutes which helped us to eventually get back to our next door neighbor's, which B3 treated as though it was his very first, screaming and talking.  Our neighbor walked up from her own walk, and was like "awhhhhhhh" right as B3 ran down her driveway, tripped, and ATE IT right on his face.  It was THE WORST I tell you, so terribly sad!!  

He only had a little scrape + a giant black mark, so it wasn't as bad as I was expecting when I picked him up.  He cried, but 30 seconds later he wanted me to put him down so he could resume his runnnnnning.  Our little adventurous almost 16 month old.

I've been thinking lately that even though I take numerous videos everyday, I really need to get back to journaling or something because there are such adventures going on around here, even on boring Buhr days.

So a quickie update.

Little guy had is 15 month appointment last week (finally) and his weight went up 10%!  He's now 15% and we're so pleased!!!  That was some hard work.  Kid sure isn't a foodie.  What else, let's see...

-loves blueberries, blackberries and peas

-babbles non-stop

-says "kitten," "duck," "cuckuh," "ball," "grandma" and is starting to repeat after us

-has enough hair for a mohawk

-loves Baby Einstein and Masha and the Bear (he may have forgotten about Barney??)

-sleeps in our bed most of the time again (we're suckers.  LOVE being suckers)

-loves Legos (the huge ones) and likes to dump them out and growl while aggressively spreading them around into a huge mess

-loves when I play the piano and comes to play by me or even along with me

-sings (CUTE)

-still puts everything in his mouth

-loves to empty my bathroom drawers while I shower

-afraid of men, especially bearded ones

-goes to bed whenever and sleeps until about 7:30

-about to be weaned from his binky and mostly weaned from bottles

-squeals with delight when we put shoes on him
(he has some new Saucony kicks on their way)

-hates a diaper change

-has hazel eyes so far (which surprises me!) and they are very bright.  maybe an exact mixture of Ben and me

-is allllll over the place at church, dubbed a "roamer"

-has 12 teeth

-still naps 2x a day on most days (except today, heaven help us)

-organizes for hours on end

-has the sweetest grin and dimple 

-this list is long so I'll stop but we LOVE HIM

He'll be a year and a half soon and I still can't believe he even exists.  Right now as he is carrying a book to my desk and talking to himself, I'm thinking, "who ARE you?  You're OURS?"  It's still a crazy thought that I love love love.


  1. Awww, poor B3!! I hope his boo boos get better soon!!

  2. Cute! I can't wait for my little guy to walk so we can do similar walks. Right now, my arms hurt from all his weight.