Until Next Time UTAH

My mom plays the piano at the University Mall, so on Christmas Eve Eve I joined her and we played some fun Christmas duets!!  It's always a good time because often we're sight reading so we make up random tunes and chuckle to ourselves.  I have video, but like usual it requires an extra step to post so I probably shalln't.

This #1 fan grandma said, "you know, you'll make more money in a bar."  hahaha  

After the piano duets were over when we took the B3 to see Santa down the hall.  Crazy enough, there was no line!? 

^^RC Willey, a job that I spent mannnnnnnnnnnny hours drawing over the summers of 2013-14.  Finally got to see the finished thing!

So B3 is small and his weight has continuously dropped down the chart that the doctor put him on the Pediasure diet four months ago.  We've been working sooooo hard to get him to eat more and determined the best way to travel with a non-foodie toddler is to pack a whole suitcase of traveler food!!  

These little food pouches are genius!!  He has been eating so well that for the first time his weight went up on the charts.  

The little man took naps wherever.  Usually I napped with him!!  LOVE.  We did so much driving in snowy conditions that I was pretty stressed for the entire week, which turned out to be exhausting.  I stress about stupid Sardine Canyon for weeks prior which is stupid, but whatever. 

Some other pictures from the fun trip to Utahr.

Goodbye Utah!  See you in a couple of months!

After Christmas I get the serious Christmas blues.  Nothing that a little Home Alone can fix.

We got home at like 3am so we such devilish souls skipped church, but saint Dallin got up and spent the whole day at church!  Poor guy was exhausted.  Later that day I was napping with B3 when Dallin walked in holding his head and was like "Christy??  I just passed out and there's blood everywhere."


He hit his head on something as he went down and heads bleed like crazy!  He ended up with stitches, so that was scary.  I'm glad I was home and he was okay!

Grand finale to the trip.  But we all survived and had a blast.  Gosh, why does Christmas only come once a year.  I love it all.


  1. Brrrrr. I'm cold look at the snow pictures! Sure is pretty, though. It's so cool that you get to sing with your mom. How fun!

  2. I totally agree with you. I got the Christmas blues as well after Christmas. It sucks!

  3. I love all of your pictures and your little guy is adorable! I love your running in the snow pics too. Looks like fun! That's so neat you and your mom got to play the piano together on Christmas Eve. What a fun memory. Btw, your mom is beautiful and looks more like your sister!