Upcoming Rock 'n' Roll

This upcoming weekend is our first half marathon of the year which we're excited for!!  The last few weeks of running haven't been the easiest for me and I feel like I've been constantly fatigued!  I've been running faster in some of my harder workouts and my legs are feeling it, but I've also been stretched thinner than usual since B3 just popped out four molars and that has found its way into messing with our sleep, his naps, his self entertaining, thus a lot of my work time.

As a new mom I'm amazed how something that seems so simple as growing some teeth can be such a big deal!  I mean, why can't it be like growing HAIR?  Happily little man is feeling much better and has some serious chompers now.  Our little baby boy is so big.

So lately.  I bought some new Saucony Triumph ISOs and Kinvara 6s.  I ran Canyon City in Triumphs and that was the best decision ever, so I took to Amazon to buy them for cheaper.  I'd like to race some halves in my Kinvaras but I'm not quite ready to try it.  I think the longest distance I've done in them is 7 miles.

Mt. Charleston marathon shoes.  PR shoes...
Charlie had us both run 15 milers for our peak long run for this upcoming 1/2.  My overall average pace for that run was faster than my 1/2 marathon PR pace.  haha  I'm not going to go all out at this Rock 'n' Roll, but I should still get an official PR.  My plan is to stick around 9:00-9:05 miles for around 1:59.  By next month's 1/2 I should be ready to push harder!

This is my 2x running PF Chang's, although I was pregnant the first time thus I did some run/walking.

In the meantime I hope this week's taper does some magic.

^^miles 1-2 & 9-11 were warm up/recovery

I don't think I've mentioned it here yet, but Ben's chasing a 1:29!!  He's still coming back from back surgery so each race he takes a couple of minutes off his previous time.  His PR is 1:34 (set in 2014 at SLC) and I believe he's going to run a 1:43 this weekend, with two more 1/2s before his goal race.  He set his PR when he was CrossFitting full time and not running much, so hopefully that he's now focusing on running he'll be able to do it this spring.

Meanwhile if you run/CF or anything, you need to buy this R8 Roller pronto!!!:

I got it for Christmas and I'm in love.  It's awesome to be able to "foam roll" while sitting on the couch, lounging, angrily binge-watching Making a Murderer.  Worth the money, hands down!!

5 days until our next race weekend.  <4 months until my next full.  I'm not sure if I'll track my training like I did with Canyon City, but we'll see!  Probably depends on how busy work is...

Have a fantastic Monday!


  1. I had intentions of signing up for RnR AZ, but time got away from me. You guys are super speedy...maybe one day, I'll be speedy!

  2. Great idea to hit 15 before the half. I hate the huge climb right around mile 8. I've been training on the trails in preparation for that beast.