Year 2015!

2015 was a year of learning to parent, spending time as a new family of three (plus doggy), re-prioritizing our evenings together, gaining our fitness back from pregnancy and back surgery (Ben), and spending time with our own families!

In January we started the year off with a three month old.  It's surprising to me that this was last year because it feels longer ago that we had a chubby baby.  Now he's a busy toddler, opening doors and getting into all his FAVORITES.

We also went to the Hot Air Balloon festival, which was anticlimactic, but it's always fun to do anything as a fam.

In February we drove to Tucson to pick up my youngest brother from his mission.  Now he's basically five seconds from getting married.

We went out on our first family hike with the baby, my brudda James, and our cut lil pup, just walking distance from our house.  This time of year is our weather prime for outdoorsy activities.

My family and I ran the Phoenix 1/2 / 10k and the weather was seriously the most perfect weather for a marathon!  This race is really well put on.  It was so fun!

That being said, my family came into town for a couple of days so we had to take some pictures together.

In March my brother and I ran the inaugural Froyo 5k in Mesa, Arizona.  Very spontaneous but FROYO.

A bunch of us also ran the Shamrock 4-miler in Scottsdale, an evening race along the canal.  I read that it's on a random Thursday this year which is a bummer, but hopefully we can find a way to still run it.

My youngest brother Dallin moved in with us after a few weeks back up in northern Utah, post mission.  It's been fun having him live here.

In April, Dallin ran the K's for Crisis 5k with me where he placed 1st in his a/g and I placed 2nd in mine.

This also seemed to be the peak month for hot air balloons around our neck of the woods, but we still get them most of the year.  In fact there are two above our house right now!

We took B3 to the Phoenix Zoo and he loved the flamingos!  Maybe because they are so bright?

We did a little staycation and took B3 to a resort pool that was heated since in April ours is freezing.

In May we went to CHINA which was totally epic!!!  Minus the part of leaving our 7 month old back in the states.  Talk about stressful, but we did Facetime everyday and Ben's sister was so great with him.

We ran the Great Wall Marathon 1/2 which was as amazing as you could imagine!  We ran it together the entire time.

We experienced China and toured all around for a week with a group of runners from all over the world.  It was epic if I hadn't mentioned that yet.

In June I participated in my 4th Juneathon which was running and blogging everyday!  I also did pushups, squats and planks everyday, ran in 114 degrees, in my clothes, etc.  There's just no way I can do this again this year, but never say never I guess.  Maybe come June I will dive right back in.

Ben also had a successful back surgery and started incline walking to gear up to start running soon!  Poor guy was out for almost a year.

In July we ran a 4th of July 4-miler in the ridiculous summer heat!  It started at 6:30am which is already in the 90s in July!

We also celebrated Ben's birthday!  29!  Again!  We sent Ben this picture while he was at work:

In August (and surrounding months) my brother was in the Chinese Idol competition, which is the Chinese version of American Idol.  He speaks fluent Mandarin so that's why that worked.  It was lots of fun for us to watch!!

He made it to the top 12.

Then the final round.

We hit record breaking temperatures in August and had the worst monsoony summer.  Major lacking on the storm front.

James and I went to see Kelly Clarkson and had 2nd row seats!!!  That was amazing.  Plus Pentatonix opened and I'm obsessed with them too.

Ben and I hired a running coach.  Best decision EVER.  Should have done it sooner because I have seen great results thus far and hope that continues for awhile.

In September we celebrated my 31st birthday and I made a list of 31 things I want to do while I'm 31.

James made it to the top 6 in the Chinese Idol competition which is pretty fantastic!

I was training for a fall marathon over the summer and at one point ran 11 miles in 111 degrees.  That was memorable!  Ben tracks me via my Garmin so he and B3 would periodically bring me cold water so that I would survive, which I did!

Bentley turned one year old and we had family come into town to help us celebrate.  He is the first grandchild on my family's side so it's a big deal!

We also fenced our pool for obvious reason.  It's not near as pretty with a giant fence, but it's worth it!!

We survived the I-10 shooter.  He was caught, allegedly.  I saw something in the news about him today, in fact.

B3 and I flew up to Utah so I could work out of my office in SLC.  My mom watched him and loved it, she's so good with him!

My sister's 8 year old Italian Greyhound, Savvy, collapsed and unexpectedly passed away.  It was really, really sad!!

Some of us ran a ridiculously hard 1/2 marathon in Prescott, the Groom Creek 1/2.  Turned out to be horrible for me after IT band problems showed up, which I'm still dealing with today but not nearly as bad.  It's actually getting quite a bit better.

In October B3 mastered the walk.  Oh man, my favorite milestone to date.  SO CUTE.  He started to really jabber while walking which he still does now.

In October we had many more monsoons than during the entire summer.  October was awesome!  It was hotter than usual, but the storms rocked.

We did another little staycation and finally tried out our local Top Golf!  We've been back a couple times because it's a lot of fun.

And we did the Phoenix Zombie Walk since B3 wasn't scared of anything yet.  Next year (this year?) he probably won't like zombies.

In November I set a marathon PR of 4:11 and had a really strong race and good recovery.  It sure was motivating!  I know I can go sub 4:00.  Maybe in May?

We took B3 to Disneyland for his first time.  He was pretty intrigued and seemed to like the rides, especially It's a Small World.

We also celebrated five years of marriage by going to the Compass Grill, a rotating restaurant that overlooks Phoenix.

In December I ran the Hot Chocolate 15k, my first time running 15k!  It was 9.3 miles-ish and a great race.

B3 also got to visit with Santa for his second time, but last year he was a baby so this was the first time he knew what was going on.

We spent Christmas in Utah in the snow.  We endured many a snow storms during our visit and got our winter snow fix.

And last but not least, we spent Christmas with our awesome family, which has been a fun tradition!!

2015 in a nutshell, and it was awesome.


  1. Wow! You did a lot!

    I'm intrigued by raving the Great Wall. Sounds amazing but also...incredibly hard!

    Maybe one day!

  2. Wow, that's quite a year when you put it all together like that.

  3. Wow that is a fully jam packed year. The family memories are epic but that great wall race had to be amazing. Great year in review.