2.714 Weeks to Phoenix 1/2 <--my 1st goal race

We're < 3 weeks out from Phoenix and while I was (am) hoping for a PR, things since PF Chang's haven't gone entirely as planned.  I had some new knee pain show up two weeks after PF Chang's and I know I was recovered by the time I started noticing it, so it rang major alarm bells!!!  NOOOOOOO  $#%@ *$%#!

Charlie had me take a couple of days off and I was a little bit of a mental wreck (HA. judge not).  I jumped back into training with a slow 10 miler and it went just fine, so... I'm still working through it but maybe it's not as bad as I initially ran my mind into thinking.  I have an appointment this week with Charlie so hopefully he'll be able to pinpoint some issues with his mad physical therapy skills.

So between a week recovery and just now coming off a 14 mile WEEK I feel like I've lost fitness since PF Chang's, which doesn't fare well when I'm going for a PR in a couple of weeks.  Plus this week I'm only scheduled to run 3x while I coddle my knee.

C'est la vie.  To be continued.  (...for I must go fetch my child standing on the furniture.)


  1. I'm sorry you're having trouble with your knee! Bummer! I hope it's better soon.

    I'm training for Tinkerbell Half in May and since I started so early, I'm really training for a PR... Then last night, I ran 9 miles and was considering running Phoenix. I'll have to check and see if it's sold out!

    1. Do it!! I don't think either the half or 10k are sold out yet!