A to Zs

A – Age:  31

B – Biggest fear:  Aside from all things seriously life, it's getting injured.

C – Current time:  Almost noon o'clock lunch time

D – Drink you had last:  Simply Lemonade

E – Easiest person to talk to:  Ben, that's why I married him.

F – Favorite song:  Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson

G – Grossest memory:  In college I was about to go to bed one extremely late night when a mouse decided it was a good time to run under my bedroom door!!  Ugh.

I lived in my childhood house with only my dad and he was out of town so I decided I was going to sleep in the guest bedroom in the basement to temporarily escape the mouse madness.  In the guest bedroom two stories below mine I discovered more mouse poop.  UGH #2.

Mouse infestation!!!  I found one in my dirty laundry a day or two later, and one died in a beautiful SHOE, ruining it!  I avoided sleeping at my place of residence until the exterminator got it under control.  The mice had chewed through the weather stripping of a big storage room side house door, gotten into the walls and come back out via the A/C closet on the top floor.

My sister drew this for me and put it on a shirt:

Another gross memory was after Ben had his arm smashed to pieces and it literally looked like sushi.  For your viewing pleasure in case you forgot (this was taken a day before we got married):

H – Hometown:  Layton, Utah.  It felt so big growing up, now it feels small and country!  Makes me a little sad.

I – In love with:  my family!

J – Jealous of:  people sitting on a Hawaiian beach because that sounds so nice and I just bought some new swimsuits.  Or Bora Bora.  One day!

K – Kindest person you know:  Ben.  Everybody loves Ben!  He genuinely tries to understand everybody's point of view.

L – Longest relationship:  Ben - 7 years - we just celebrated!  

M – Middle name:  ---

N – Number of siblings:  3, I am #2 in the line up

O – One wish:  Time needs to slow down.  My baby is getting old.  I'm getting old.  My home town is old.  EVERYTHING IS OLD.  

P – Person you spoke to on the phone last:  My work.

Q – Question you’re always asked:  How's B3?  or  Any races coming up?  How's work?

R – Reason to smile:  Having the windows open, enjoying the beautiful weather while watching the little guy having so much fun with his toys, while also blasting movie soundtracks and working on the new Utah State Stadium.

S – Song you last sang:  Good question.  Thus far, today my music is mostly instrumental.

T – Time you woke up:  7:15

U – Underwear color:  White

V – Vacation destination:  Right now I'd say anywhere for a destination race.  I would like to one day go to the Big Apple with Ben.  That's a new seed we've recently planted in our minds.  But man, Bora Bora or Hawaii do sound amazing...

W – Worst habit:  Aspartame and Monster energy drinks.  So good.

X – X-Rays you’ve had:  That I remember:  neck (2008), neck (2011), shins (2012)

Y – Your favorite food:  Sushi, Angry Crab, shaved ice, sugar... anything Oreo at all, or smores.  Plus some pho.

Z – Zodiac sign:  Virgo


  1. I'm considering not coming back after that arm pic, YIKES. Yes the weather has been amazing lately.