Here's to the stars, that they shall align.

We're days from Phoenix so I'm doubting myself like crazy!!  I had my coach help me set my goals but then during my last couple of long runs I've had a hard time with my race paces so my confidence is sucking a bit at this point, BUT that's nothing new for me right before a race.  The doubt creeps in like whoa.

My A goal scares me!!  It's my 1/2 goal for the entire 2016 year and I wasn't planning on even considering it as a race goal until September's race...7 months out.

Via Pinterest
A goal: 1:49 (8:23 pace)

B goal:  1:52 (8:37 pace)

C goal: Beat PF Chang's 1:54:57 (8:45 pace)

Every goal would be an official PR!  I run 7:30-8:15 paces in my workouts, but the big question will be how long I can maintain that pace right now.  I do feel like my fitness has decreased somewhat since last month after pulling back my mileage because of my knee, so we will find out.

Ben is shooting for a 1:38 this time around on his journey for a 1:29 in May!

We did get this email which is a slice of bummage:

I think the forecast has cooled down a bit since, maybe a high of 82 instead of upper 80s.  It's been a warm February after a cold winter, all in the blink of a coupe of days.  Freeze warnings --> BAM --> record highs

A couple of weeks ago I got a diagnoses on my knee of pes anserine bursitis which is essentially inflammation of the three tendons that connect just below the inner side of the knee, almost to the shin, which is where I have had some swelling.  It's an overuse injury and can cause inner knee pain which is what I've had, but so far it's cooperating and Charlie has given me more of a taper to help the inflammation.
Also, I shouldn't sit on my right leg while I'm working which I have done ALL THE TIME and apparently that's not good.

So here's to the stars, that they shall align and I will hit my top goal when I have no idea how I will.     I need to have more confidence in my running, hopefully it will come with time.

After Phoenix it'll be time to ramp my mileage up again because in 10 weeks it's time to give 26.2 another shot.  I'm getting pretty excited [for that sub 4:00].  

Have a wonderful Wednesday!  My mom has been visiting which has rocked, but just went back home.  waaah

Alright.  I'm done new paragraph-ing.  Goodnight.


  1. Good luck this weekend!!
    My mind is going in and out of stress as well lol.

    Great goals, run strong and keep a positive frame of mind. Your body is strong and can hold pace. Usually our mind that gets in the way. Cheers to a PR!!

  2. Go for it! I look forward to reading your recap.