Have mercy, winter has arrived again!  I realize this may fall on some deaf ears but it is nearly a legit freeze around here which means everybody covers their plants and I use it as an excuse to leave B3 in his pajamas all. the. day. long.  We don't cover our plants but they don't seem to have a problem surviving.  lol  I kinda want them to die so we can start over.

Bentz isn't in pajamas today, he's wearing balloon pants and a turtleneck from the 80s.  Adorable vintage!  I just went through a box of 18 month clothes from my brothers as babies and pulled out some serious gems.

B3 and I are still taking walks to the mailbox which take us close to an hour.  75% of the time we don't end up getting the mail because after 45 minutes of walking back and forth in the wrong direction I'm over going to the mailbox.  We love these walks!!

The other day we were out when my eye spotted major movement in front of Bentz as he trotted along, full speed, arms flailing.  JAVALINAS grazing in the neighbor's yard!  I have never seen them in person but I've heard plenty about them and they weren't terribly frightened by us, just vice versa.

Our neighborhood is surrounded by preserve so we get all sorts of desert creepers, like rattlesnakes on our driveways, an occasional scorpion, weird centipedes and bugs, javalinas, and every month I read on our neighborhood website of another mountain lion/bobcat roaming the 'hood.  I occasionally think of them while running but the only thing of note that I've seen are coyotes and hot air balloons.

VIA our neighborhood's NEXTDOOR.COM

January was good for runnnnning.  I wear shorts and a tank year round for running but I wear gloves right now + my compression socks, so yeah the warm up is pretty miserably cold!!  But it beats getting half way through a run when the sun is finally up and realizing I overdressed.

My worst case scenario I take off the gloves and shove them somewhere, usually in my shirt... I ran 10 miles of PF Chang's with a giant gloves blob in my shirt.    I also ran 20 miles of Revel with a bag of pretzels hidden in there.  hahaha  Being a lady does have its perks.

Total miles:  100 
Total days run:  15 (12 outside & 5 of those with the stroller + 3 treadmill)
Average temperature run in:  I'll go with 50?
Longest distance:  15 mile training run 
Races:  1 half
XT:  5
Hot air balloon sightings:  millions -- I like to think they are an additional neighborhood watch, keeping an eye on us early morningers.  They probably don't even see us but it satisfies me to think that.
Weirdest encounter:  1-a guy bundled up standing on his roof with a blowtorch, literally at sunrise, 2-a huge pitchfork laying on the sidewalk.  Somebody misplaced their pitchfork.

In other news January, last week we took B3 to Monster Jam!!  We were a little nervous about it but we decided we aren't going to not do fun family things without our little man, so Ben bought some noise canceling headphones for him.

It was at the University of Phoenix Stadium which is where the Superbowl was held, so it was MASSIVE, definitely not a Delta Center arena where we've seen the show before.  Nose bleed seats here were definitely nose bleed and the trucks looked like tiny hot wheels.  It also took us an hour to get off the freeway and into our seats because it was a giant mess.  We missed the first half but I do think half the show was suitable for a first timin' toddler.

When we first walked into the building you could hear the trucks ridiculously loud and B3 got really sad, the whole lip down, quiver sad cry thing.  Then he fought the headphones, but once he saw the trucks he was mesmerized.  Plus shove a few goldfish in his mouth and the kid looked so content like he could fall asleep.

I do realize that the unofficial rule of social media is to post pictures where you look fantastic (!!) even if everyone else looks horrific, but today we're going to post one where I look stoned just for the sake of the other two incredibly adorable boys in my life (and picture).

^^that chubby face lol

That pretty much sums up the first month of the year.  Onto February, the month of love and the month we also celebrate our first date seven years ago!

Have a nice day!


  1. Bentley is so cute! I love always seeing the hot air balloons in the background. And that is a good picture of you three. You don't look stoned.

  2. Yikes, we live near some desert area and have coyote as well but man javelina, cats, and snakes....no thank you. I've seen javelina out on the trails and quickly run the other direction.

  3. You ran 100 miles in January? Now I feel like a total slacker. Good job!