We have creepy neighbors.

We walk a lot.  Our weather is amazing and Bentz loves to run all day long, so I try to take him out in the late afternoons when the hot air balloons are out to get some fresh air.

Over the past few months I've noticed this house that backs up to our favorite uncrowded park (shown above) which is a really nice looking house from the outsider's viewpoint, but I noticed one day that the side window in the front had been smashed, and the blinds were all drawn tightly but messily, almost like whoever lived there was assuring nobody could peek in.  On one of our walks B3 and I walked past as the front door was open to which I saw it dark in the house and a couple of guys walking out.  I figured maybe it was being renovated or something, but I still had the heeby geebies and pretended like I didn't see the guys in the doorway so we could keep on going.  Something didn't ring right, plus a couple of times I have run past this house and seen cops.

After controlling my mind from running down the path of a house of murderers 800 meters from our own, all based on a smashed window, shut blinds, and cops (aren't those good enough reasons!??), we were back at the park weeks later when I noticed this same house's backside.  They have plastic over the missing windows, a folded up trampoline type deal leaning against where the master bedroom window should've been, and big platic-y drapery things over the patio door location.  This poor house isn't even 10 years old and it is trashed!  As I was glancing at the mess through their fence, some guy was like, "it's just lovely isn't it?  I've been working with the HOA on getting them evicted for over a year."

The next door neighbor.

Story goes like:  a kid inherited the house and 1/2 a million from his parents, and he and his buds do something in there all day long, probably something that starts with an M and rhymes with seth, except they have no electricity or running water and there have been 14 guys living in it while they rotate turns getting arrested.  FOURTEEN.  Like 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1.  In my safe family neighborhood and all on my "SAFE BLOCK" that I run around over and over when the sun hasn't come up enough for me to feel safe to venture out of the 'hood.

Hashtag BOOOO.

The neighbor says it'll be foreclosing soon enough because the money is long gone.  So now we're going to the more crowded park, but it makes me wonder who else lives close by because now that I have a kid, I really freaking care.  I still can't shake the heebie geebies about what's possibly going on there, enough that I just wrote a whole blogpost on it.  Maybe they really just lay around and read by candlelight all day every day.  Maybe our neighbors are just giant book worms hosting everlasting readathons.  I hope so.

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  1. Positive thoughts BUUUUUT....keep your eyes peeled lol. I'm active in the church and try to help everyone I can, but you still need to be conscious of the things going on around you. Hope the house gets cleared out soon.