5.5 weeks out

Last Saturday morning there was a bike tour that went through our area so there were hundreds of bikers around for hours, which was kind of fun, thus there were traffic cops on every streetlight corner (so I couldn't jay walk ).  I was looping my water so around mile nine one of the cops was like, "I think you've done enough running for the day."  Then I passed him again 45 minutes later.  lol  I imagine I looked ragged and he thought I was a total nutjob because let's face it I am, but I felt accomplished because I had surpassed the half marathon mark in training -- wahoo!!

So SLC revealed their medals, and a couple weeks ago so did Revel Mt. Charleston.  They are both really cool!:

There are a couple of groups you can join if you are a race freak:  the Marathon Maniacs, or the Half Fanatics.  To become one of these you have to fulfill certain requirements.  For the marathon group, the lowest level to qualify for (bronze) requires you to run two marathons in 16 days, or three marathons in 90 days.  The same goes for the Half Fanatics lowest level (Neptune), run two 1/2s in 16 days or three 1/2s in 90.  And they have to be actual races with posted results, etc.  Next month, SLC will qualify both Ben and I for the 1/2 category which is sweet.  You can look both of these groups up on Facebook if you're interested.

Week 8 training was great and I hit all my paces and had a good long run too, although it is starting to warm up fast in the mornings and we've hit 90 degrees a time or two (except this week it is in the 60s!).  My weekday runs are always evening time so running a tempo in 85 degree sunshine is tougher than 65 degree dawn, but the training is equally as beneficial.  Since I'm focused on the marathon right now, my tempo is a little bit slower, usually an 8:30 or 8:45 pace for somewhere around 5 or 6 miles.

Traditional post long run neighborhood jaunt with the little man:

There is a free GPS app called GLIMPSE that my sister told us about.  It's awesome and you can share your GPS location with anybody via text/etc. so they can track you (you have to carry your phone though, which I do already because hello Google music!!).  It's a great safety device and it works better than my Garmin Tracker which is finicky and sometimes cuts out when my Garmin randomly decides to disconnect from my phone mid run.

Week 7 was a major step back week which sucks, but I would rather not get injured so I obey.   

This weekend I'm up to 16, w/a few faster miles, which I'm stoked for.  Hopefully it's not so hot this time!  I'd like to put in an order of Saturday morning clouds.

Blogging from A to Z

I hummed and hawed over this and I think I'm going to do it.  Every year I do Juneathon which is run+blog+log every single day and I just don't think I have it in me this year (still TBD), so this will fit my 31 while 31 criteria just as well, doing a 31 day challenge of sorts (in April's case, 30, or really 26 which is fine, whatever).


So most people choose a month long theme to post about but I'm going to refrain from that and just post whatever the L I feel like, corresponding with the letter of the day!

For instance, if today was N we'd maybe go with something like No pants:

Neighborhood's House of Horrors

Alright, so I ranted about my suspicions of the house up the street from us, and since then I decided to stop running around murderer block while also stop going to the uncrowded park that's a hop skip and a jump away.  My gut just said things were not right and once again it was a genius gut.  For us it's been more or less an out of mind out of sight problem though because we've never had the occupants try to break into our house or anything of that nature, luckily (FOR THEM).  Our house does not back the preserve, park, nor the trails which is where the homes they've broken into are located. 

Unbeknownst to us this has gone on for almost three years.  I had no clue about any of it and I am the most aware-of-my-surroundings person on the huge planet earth.

Fast forward and we got an email regarding a community meeting about the ongoing issues at 14 Felons St. so I went to said meeting to get the 411 and left there ready to call our Realtor.  I also realized I've encountered the "owner" while out on my runs.  He's the one I have mentioned to Ben that wears black sweats and a beanie when it's 90 degrees out!  I passed him on the sidewalk just last week.  He wasn't at the meeting, he didn't know about it.  #secretmeeting

Per the meeting of secret, the neighbors sleep with weapons, the kids aren't allowed outdoors, a lady walks with a taser, the park is being used as a bathroom (and I thought that was dog poo) and a garbage disposal for drug paraphernalia and who knows what.  This guy smashed all his windows and sliding doors with a hammer in an angry rage but there are no laws prohibiting the destruction of your own freaking house.  He is only in his 20s and inherited money along with the house, but it's gone and the mortgage hasn't been paid in years.  The real danger has come from his occupants who come and go, changing constantly, and they are not there to attend a candlelight readathon.

Sounds familiar.

Soooo then on our one-side-of-the-block walk, neighbors informed us that the bank finally made a move and the police removed the occupants to board the place up.  The meeting accomplished something!!  So wahoo, I love me some Breaking Bad but hopefully this is the end of the danger zone.  I am already starting to feel better because stress.  Maybe we'll walk the whole block today?  Too soon?

As for the occupants, there is always the chance they'll try to return, but I believe the city is trying to help them but the guy is refusing.  It's a pretty messy situation and terribly sad.

8 Weeks Out

Now that we are eight weeks from my next shot at 26.2, I've decided to document it like usual style.  I didn't know if my great great grancomputer would allow me to Photoshop in a timely manner, but I would say it has cooperated this weekend.  Hoo-freakin-rah!  

Thus the Mount Charleston countdown begins...

I'm counting down this time.  Week #10 was recovery from Phoenix, and week #9 was partial recovery, but we're ramping back up.

Over the past months I've mentioned my mental strength as being stronger these days, then Phoenix happened and reminded me that I have no idea what I'm talking about.  My performance in that race is hurting my confidence in the upcoming Mount Charleston which royally sucks, but running isn't supposed to be easy.

BUT my long runs have been good and right now all is well in the Buhr running world.

I do my long runs at dawn, then we switch and Ben runs immediately following.  It works well until about April, then we have to rearrange things to get both of our long runs in before SAUNA.

Then I usually take the Bmeister on a little jammie jaunt around the 'hood.  Oh man I love our weather right now!!  It's just lovely out.

This week includes a 14 miler which I'm pretty stoked for.  Long runs are the absolute best.

Evolution of Team #RunLikeHales

My family runs the SLC Marathon or 1/2 each year (except last year we ran the Great Wall instead), and starting in 2014 we started wearing matching shirts and added a team name #runlikehales (TEAMS GET DISCOUNTS).  My sister or brother-in-law design them and if you're wondering, no I CANNOT draw too.  My stick figures are out of proportion.

But I CAN find sweet shirts to put them on.  So this year's:

^^  Dallin is the youngest so he always takes the brunt of the joke.  :D

This year we went with a basic polyester tank which I'm a little nervous about instead of the typical New Balance tech.  New Balance didn't have any fun colors left.  Hopefully they rock when they arrive Monday, and more importantly, match my purple Sparkle Skirt I just ordered.

I gave my family 10 options to choose from:

I forgot to put #10 on option #10.

Hales is my maiden name so that's where that comes from.  Also, this year we have our nicknames on the back!!!  Mine is BISTO (bis-toe) because my motab dad always sang "Chrissssty Misssty" which turned into "Christy Misty Bisty" and "Christy Misty Bisty Bisto," and, alas, BISTO.  That is why Bisto is all over my social media and life.  My other nickname is Gravy, but I'll leave that for another day.

The other person who has a strange nickname is my brother James/Jimmy, who we call Lands.  Back when we had flip phones and that T9 word predictor, if you typed "James" it'd always come up as "Lands."  Lands was born.

5+ weeks until team #runlikehales reunites for another go!!  And 8 until, choke, 26.2.


I started this post around Valentine's day (see hearts attire below) and hoorah, I'm finally finishing it and posting about the glorious month of February!  My blog has taken a bit of a hit these days because my blogging/PS computer belongs in the computer cemetery.  If it doesn't die by old age and a multitude of problems soon, rest assured my lack of patience shall put it out of its (MY) misery. 

Moving on to the fab Feb.