8 Weeks Out

Now that we are eight weeks from my next shot at 26.2, I've decided to document it like usual style.  I didn't know if my great great grancomputer would allow me to Photoshop in a timely manner, but I would say it has cooperated this weekend.  Hoo-freakin-rah!  

Thus the Mount Charleston countdown begins...

I'm counting down this time.  Week #10 was recovery from Phoenix, and week #9 was partial recovery, but we're ramping back up.

Over the past months I've mentioned my mental strength as being stronger these days, then Phoenix happened and reminded me that I have no idea what I'm talking about.  My performance in that race is hurting my confidence in the upcoming Mount Charleston which royally sucks, but running isn't supposed to be easy.

BUT my long runs have been good and right now all is well in the Buhr running world.

I do my long runs at dawn, then we switch and Ben runs immediately following.  It works well until about April, then we have to rearrange things to get both of our long runs in before SAUNA.

Then I usually take the Bmeister on a little jammie jaunt around the 'hood.  Oh man I love our weather right now!!  It's just lovely out.

This week includes a 14 miler which I'm pretty stoked for.  Long runs are the absolute best.

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