Blogging from A to Z

I hummed and hawed over this and I think I'm going to do it.  Every year I do Juneathon which is run+blog+log every single day and I just don't think I have it in me this year (still TBD), so this will fit my 31 while 31 criteria just as well, doing a 31 day challenge of sorts (in April's case, 30, or really 26 which is fine, whatever).

So most people choose a month long theme to post about but I'm going to refrain from that and just post whatever the L I feel like, corresponding with the letter of the day!

For instance, if today was N we'd maybe go with something like No pants:

Or Napping by my desk:  

Or Napping on my shoulder (I think we're teething again):

Nighttime shenanigans:

Nice weather:

New lights:

Nine miles:

(Which is a lie.  It was 6.)

I'm excited about the challenge and hoping it jump starts my lagging creativity these days.  If you click on the top image you can join too!!  

Happy Tuesday in SPRING!! 


  1. This sort of reminds me of some of the board books we have "A and B" apples, bears, bees, airplane. Love all of your little guy's shoes. I need to branch out with his (and mine!).

  2. I am here from A-Z! Nice to meet you!
    McGuffy Ann Morris from
    McGuffy's Reader