Evolution of Team #RunLikeHales

My family runs the SLC Marathon or 1/2 each year (except last year we ran the Great Wall instead), and starting in 2014 we started wearing matching shirts and added a team name #runlikehales (TEAMS GET DISCOUNTS).  My sister or brother-in-law design them and if you're wondering, no I CANNOT draw too.  My stick figures are out of proportion.

But I CAN find sweet shirts to put them on.  So this year's:

^^  Dallin is the youngest so he always takes the brunt of the joke.  :D

This year we went with a basic polyester tank which I'm a little nervous about instead of the typical New Balance tech.  New Balance didn't have any fun colors left.  Hopefully they rock when they arrive Monday, and more importantly, match my purple Sparkle Skirt I just ordered.

I gave my family 10 options to choose from:

I forgot to put #10 on option #10.

Hales is my maiden name so that's where that comes from.  Also, this year we have our nicknames on the back!!!  Mine is BISTO (bis-toe) because my motab dad always sang "Chrissssty Misssty" which turned into "Christy Misty Bisty" and "Christy Misty Bisty Bisto," and, alas, BISTO.  That is why Bisto is all over my social media and life.  My other nickname is Gravy, but I'll leave that for another day.

The other person who has a strange nickname is my brother James/Jimmy, who we call Lands.  Back when we had flip phones and that T9 word predictor, if you typed "James" it'd always come up as "Lands."  Lands was born.

5+ weeks until team #runlikehales reunites for another go!!  And 8 until, choke, 26.2.


  1. I think nicknames are essential to life. Mine is Stack. Everyones iphone corrects Staci to Stack so they just call me that instead. My middle son we call Diggs started at a baseball game. Never left.

  2. I don't have a cool nickname that has stuck. My sisters call me by a shortened version of my name, which is not easy to shorten.

  3. This is very cool. I want to start my own racing team just to have cool shirts like these