I started this post around Valentine's day (see hearts attire below) and hoorah, I'm finally finishing it and posting about the glorious month of February!  My blog has taken a bit of a hit these days because my blogging/PS computer belongs in the computer cemetery.  If it doesn't die by old age and a multitude of problems soon, rest assured my lack of patience shall put it out of its (MY) misery. 

Moving on to the fab Feb.

A few weeks ago we chased a hot air balloon to its landing only to have me direct us to a dead end so by time we turned around and actually arrived at the landing spot, we were a minute late.  They start deflating right as they hit the ground so that was a fail, but it was still fun Buhr fam times.  Next time we shall prevail!!

We're still doing lots of walks these days.  I'm wondering if I should do a 30-days of walks challenge as part of my 31 while 31.  We go out almost everyday anyways, but it'd be fun for my left brain to officially document each day via a collage or something more organized than random social media bursts.

My mom came into town for a week or so, then my dad.  They try to come down every couple of months which we LOVE.  Come again soon!!!


Some of these are just bad quality pics, I'm not photoshopping them in horrendous fashion.

A couple of updates on the little guy who will be 1-1/2 very soon:

  1. Loves to climb on anything and everything
  2. Fell off the couch a few weeks ago and got his first black eye which was so sad (see red turtleneck picture below)
  3. Has become obsessed with ceiling fans and lights and always goes "ooooo" and points up at them
  4. Has to make the rounds touching all the lights and fans when dad is home (mom is too short!)
  5. Loves to turn pages of books and eat them too
  6. Loves to dance to every sound of music including the ice cream truck, neighbors playing their drums in the garage, cars driving by with music, etc.
  7. Loves to find the airplane when he hears one, also gets excited about the hot air balloons.  "Oooooo."
  8. Still loves shoes but doesn't eat them as often as he used to
  9. Is ALL OVER THE PLACE at church.  Like, seriously, what is the point of going??
  10. Not as shy anymore, marches up to anyone on our walks 
  11. Has started to call things "cool" which is closer to "tool."  He thinks the fan is really tool.
  12. Runs way too fast and will eat it on occasion, leaving him with sad little scrapes and bruises on his knees
  13. Still drinks a Pediasure everyday and gets soooooo excited when I pull it out.  He seriously drinks the whole thing without taking a breath.  I'm always like "BREATHE!!  BREATHE!!"  HA It's funny.
  14. Still takes two long naps everyday and gets excited for them because it's the only time he gets a binky.  I ask if he wants "a nap," and he b lines it for the bedroom and is so excited.  lol!
  15. Weaned from bottles, takes a binky only for naps.  He loves his Wubbanubs; best invention ever!  I'm thinking of just chopping the binky portion off and letting him continue to snuggle with the stuffed animal when we wean him completely in a couple of weeks.  TBC...

So story in regards to the above ^^.  I was on a work call one day and Bentz was walking all over the couch arms for the first time.  Well as much as I hoped he wouldn't, it was like a slow playing horror movie as he fell off practically onto his face, on the other side of the gate, right onto the bookshelf.   

Keep in mind that the guy I was talking to had no idea I work from home.  HAHA

So I kept saying "yeah, uhuh, sure," while picking up my poor, poor, sad screaming child who luckily was fine, just scared to death.  After some cuddles which I LOVE, as resilient as kids are, he wanted me to put him down so he could climb right back up and stand on the arms again.  However! he was more cautious and has learned.

"Sorry, I'm at my home office today."  Well, BECAUSE I ALWAYS AM.


In other news February, my baby brother got engaged over Valentine's weekend.  They are getting married here in Arizona this springtime, as in in two short months.  Summertime weddings aren't the most envied in Arizona, so it's either asap or fall.  His fiance is awesome and we're excited to have her as a part of the fam!  They will be tying the knot where they met and got engaged, the Phoenix temple.

^^I tried so hard to get a shot that wasn't a blurry mess.

During February I ran less for my knee but all seems to be cooperating at this point (except my race time lol).  I've shed the morning gloves now that we're only in the 50s for our lows, sometimes 60s, but the weather still is good for morning long runs!  The evenings have been a little warmer, but at least the days are getting longer that I'm able to run outside after work instead of on Turbet.  I'll take warmer runs over treadmilling.

  • Total miles: 76.5
  • Total days run: 13 (11 outside + 2 treadmill)
  • Average temperature run in: I'll go with 60 for mornings and 80 for evenings
  • Longest distance: 13.1 and change
  • Races: 1 half
  • XT: 5

  • Weirdest encounter:  I ran right into a coyote one morning so that was freaky.  I also had some javalinas bolt out of the desert next to me and right into the street.
  • Jan+Feb mileage:  176.5

The making of my leap for leap day 2/29.

I run with mace in my hand 100% of the time when I'm outdoors and I've learned that mine has expired.  Who knew mace expired??  I imagine in 20 years this stuff will still really hurt the eyes, but I think I'll order some new stuff anyways -- better safe than sorry!  Plus they even come in pink!

Have a great weekend!!  I've got a 10 miler in the morning and then I think we're going to do something fun as a fam.  


  1. Love updates about B3! I feel the 1รถ month mark is a huge one, I remember that was the time, Zoe stopped being a baby and start being a child. It's scary at first, but oh so fun to see them grow! We also only gave the pacifier to Zoe for napping and then the 2 year molars came... Holy cow! A whole new level of teething. I would suggest to wait with weaning God until all teeth are in. For your own sanity!

  2. Great pictures in this post! I can't believe how cold it was in January and then super hot in February. Ugh. I'm not ready for the heat!