Z: Wildlife Zoo

A few weeks back we all went to the Wildlife Zoo!  We've never been to this one, it's out west and more than double the cost of the Phoenix Zoo, but we had to give it a try and Bentz is still free.  Turned out to be less crowded than the Phoenix Zoo, we liked it more and spent something like three hours walking through.

Oh hey.

Y: Years Ago

1 year ago we had a 7 month old and we were getting ready to leave him in the US to take a trip to China.  That was really hard to do!!  I was sick about that thought for months beforehand.

2 years ago we had just announced our pregnancy to the world which was SO FUN.  I also was puking a lot which wasn't as fun.

3 years ago we were about to move into our home after spending weeks re-painting, removing wallpaper and re-carpeting, etc.

4 years ago I had just ran my first full 26.2!  My respect for the distance started right THERE.  lol

5 years ago we were about to leave Layton to live in Thatcher, Arizona!  We moved again a year later, to the valley.

6 years ago we were planning a wedding and had just moved Ben up from Vegas so there was no more long distance!

7 years ago Ben and I had recently met and were flying back and forth to Vegas/SLC every weekend!

8 years ago I was in my last year of college, working hard on my senior project.  Thank goodness that is over -- way too much work!

9 years ago some friends and I went to NYC.  Now I really want to take Ben back there.  We wanna run NYC!

10 years ago I went to Nauvoo/Kansas/Missouri and such with my student ward!  It was a pretty memorable, epic trip.  Below is Adam Ondi Ahman.

11 years ago, oh goodness, I have no idea?  But this picture says it was 11 years ago, so my sister graduated!

12 years ago my dog was close to his first birthday!  He wasn't well suited for the winter climate of northern Utah.

13 years ago...this...

14 years ago I welcomed my brother home from ...scout camp?

And like 30 years ago... (me on the right)!!

X: Mother's Day (there is an X connection I promise)

X is hands down the toughest letter of the alphabet.  At least with Z there are things like ZOO and ZEBRA and ZIPPER, ZUCCHINI, ZONES, etc., etc.  You google X and you get weird words like XEROTHERMIC and XYSTS, XENIA.  ??

But, alas, the Roman Numeral 10 is the letter X, so how about a top 10 list, Mother's Day style, because Mother's Day is in that many days!  (Two X connections.)

I do get to see my mom the day/week before Mother's Day because she's coming to watch us run.  She's the most supportive mom ever!

In no particular order, reasons my mom is wonderful!

  1. She's very outgoing, genuine and friendly, everybody loves my mom!
  2. She's relaxed and never overreacts in situations, and brings down the stress levels with her positive attitude.
  3. She's so talented and willing to travel and accompany anybody on the piano.
  4. She's always willing to come visit us here in Phoenix and is a loving, wonderful grandma to B3.
  5. She was the best mom growing up and always trusted us kids, and was never that strict mom.
  6. She gets up at ridiculous hours to watch us race and takes care of B3 in the process.
  7. She's so willing, positive, happy, friendly, and not to mention fashionable and pretty!
  8. She helped me learn the ropes when Bentz was born, and she stayed here for a couple of weeks until I was comfortable as a first time mom.
  9. She was always present at every single sport/cheer/concert event that I had growing up.  And she put in a lot of time getting me there too!
  10. She's supportive and the best mom in the world!!

I hope you have a very happy Mother's Day in 10 (err X) days!  Love you mom!!    See you in a few!

W: Wednesday Wishlist

W falls on a Wednesday, perfect for my first "Wednesday Wishlist!"  It is a very random wishlist, and I put it together in PAINT lol because I'm still on my work computer.

I'm still trying to find an outfit for the marathon.  Ben said I could pick one of the millions of outfits in my drawers, but I can't do that for a full 26.2, I need something special.  邏  Problem is by now I need something Amazon Prime and I'm not finding anything I like shirt wise.  I have slightly procrastinated.

1-  CEP sleeves, cheaper than the socks, $35 on Amazon Prime
2-  I'll need a new pair of shoes for the fall marathon and I love the Triumph Iso by Saucony, maybe I will try this color!
3-  Super light fuel belt, perfect for the 1/2 and fits the Galaxy Note (Ben has it in black)
4-  Recommended book about the Josh Powell story
5-  Stuart Weitzman wedges that I probably can't ever justify the price for
6-  If I pay extra for shipping I could probably get this shirt here in time.  I just really like the bright orange.
7-  Garmin 630, the newer version of my 620.  Ben just bought it and the reason I really want it is because you can control your music via bluetooth.  Right now if I really like a song I double add it on my playlist so the chances of hearing it twice go up.  lol!  Maybe I should find some headphones with controls before next weekend.
8-  Pink mace, want the pink one, mine's expired
9-  Surface Pro computer
10-  Jessica Simpson heels that are now sold out of my size but I'm sure Amazon has them

Ben and I have "wishlists" on Pinterest, aka private boards that only we can see.  It saves us when it comes to holidays/birthdays!  Except Ben's list has things like a Porsche or BMW on it.  The only ones he's gotten so far are bite sized versions.

V: Video

I'm here!!!  I haven't missed a day, although today I did forget til now.  #howdareI

So I couldn't think of anything better than VIDEO for the letter V!  These are pretty random but I really want to get to bed so I can snuggle my family and read my book, The Stranger She Loved.

How about that one time we dressed our baby up like a zombie and let him walk the Zombie Walk.

Or when my sister sang the National Anthem at Disney's Dumbo Dare [setting the tone for a shiny new PR].

I had one more video of Bentz's first year, but it is taking way too long to process, so I'm going to have to post it later.  Maybe for X I can do Xtra video.  lol  


U: Utah

At the beginning of this A to Z challenge I had all these ideas, but then I came home from vacation and found myself a little overwhelmed trying to catch up with life, and here I am left with a whole week of the hard letters, like U V W X Y Z.

What should I blog about for the letter U?

Dallin:  "Unicorns.  Underwater squirrels.  Utah."
James:  "Uncle James.  Utah.  Ugliness."

I see a common theme here.  Utah.

I took this picture on a run in Utah County.  I love to run around this little pond --so pretty!

We flew up to Utah earlier this month and flying with a kid is a lot of work.  I like to start packing way in advance so we can get out of the house and to the airport with plenty of time to not be stressed, especially cuz we bring all sorts of baby food liquid crap through security so it takes a lot longer because they have to scan it and pat you down and scrounge through your luggage and so forth and on and on like this sentence.

Well we get all the way to the airport tram and I realized that we forgot B3's birth certificate which is required for him to fly.  I don't know how that happened because it's not like us to totally forget something important, but it never crossed our minds.  ??

So while I had an internal meltdown, Ben jumped in the car and sped away to try to get the certificate and get back in time.  We had 90 minutes to make an hour drive (round trip), park, tram, and get through security.  STRESS.  I started imagining missing our flight, missing the family, missing the race, etc, while trying to accept the fact at the same time.  We were hosed.

Dallin was with me so he helped me with all the luggage like the giant carseat, master B3, etc., and we decided to check all our stuff under Dil and me (the airline allows two free bags per person, + a carry on + purse, and carseats/strollers don't count as any of those = awesome).

The lady at the counter asked for the birth certificate and I explained to her the situation and that the baby would be checked in later when Ben got back.  She said it didn't need to be the original and that we could have somebody take a picture of it and text it to us.  Well, shoot, my whole family was flying out at that moment (James was in a different terminal), and the birth certificate was in our SAFE, not something we just give the code out to.

It was our lucky day and the lady was like, "just tell him to come back.  I've seen you've flown with B3 before, I'll verify it and you'll be fine."  I guess it's not like a baby has a photo ID...  I called Ben and had him turn around!!  He said he didn't drive too fast, he "never even hit a 100."  蘿

But that was our freaking stressful airport story.  Luckily all ended well and luckily I didn't overreact.  My mind did, but nobody will ever know how bad.  

Dallin flew home before us, so he took a picture of the birth certificate for our flight home from Utah.

T: Twenty Miles

Today was my peak run for the marathon in a couple of weeks and it went great.  I had 3x5 @ marathon goal pace (9:00-9:05 which is sub 4:00) with 1/2 mile slow jogs in between, plus the warm up/cool down.  

Since we're well into the 90s these days (we hit 97!), we got up at 4:44 to try to beat the heat!  Early morning + 20 miles = I am posting from my phone, in bed.  I'm freaking tired!

My paces felt comfortable to the end so I am feeling confident in my ability to nail a PR (sub 4:11), especially since the course is faster than what I train on and the temps will be cooler too.  I wish I had more confidence in attempting to BQ this year or sooner than later, but probably not yet!  I'm too wussy and the marathon can be a beast!!

Happy Saturday!

S: Selfie

S is for #selfie so I asked my family to all send me one.

Meet my family...

My mom isn't available for a #selfie at the moment, so I borrowed one from Facebook.  I couldn't leave her out!