A: Arizona Life

It only seemed appropriate that A should have something to do with Arizona, so I decided to start out the A to Z with a little background story!

So this is mountain man Ben.

Ben is from Arizona and grew up in miscellaneous cities throughout it, both snowy and hot climates, and he went to Arizona State here in the valley.  When I met him in 2009, he lived in Vegas, though, and my visits there were my first taste of a warmer climate year round, which I immediately fell in love with!

I grew up primarily in Utah and although a fresh snow fall is so pretty and magical at Christmas, once I was driving in it I dreaded it because it stressed me out like crazy, and walking around my college campus was the coldest I swear I've ever been!!  Plus, it's hard to walk around in heels on an icy ground which clearly is a problem.

I grew up skiing, which was lots of fun.  I haven't been in forever though!

Once we were married we decided we wanted to settle in Vegas or Phoenix, so Ben began the process of looking for work in those areas.  He ended up with a job offer in a tiny town three hours east of Phoenix, but where we have family!  We accepted the job with plans to put in a year there before relocating to Phoenix, or Vegas, as it was still an option at the time.

Almost a year later we relocated to the valley!  That was almost four years ago, and we've moved once since then (nearby), but we love it so much here!

Phoenix has beautiful weather almost year round with a few months exception where the highs push 110+ and the lows are lucky to drop below 90 (for like five minutes).  That's also during the monsoon season which means our humidity is also high, but the perfect remedy is to live in your swimsuit and pool.  The monsoons also provide relief from constant sunshine when it's that hot out, and they are fun to track because they roll through constantly.  Sometimes they are a little dangerous.

I remember both of these days, 117 and 119 degrees!  My dad came to visit on the 117 (he doesn't like heat HA) and we went to Flagstaff on the 119.

Growing up I used to play in the sprinklers when the temps hit 70s.  My mom had a rule that we wouldn't go boating until it hit at least 80.  Now that I live in Arizona we don't swim until the temperatures push 100.  lol  Things have definitely changed, but that's how we survive the temperatures down here that seem so atrocious to others, we've adjusted and our perceptions have changed.  90 degrees is not hot (unless you're running, that is).

You never know what life will throw at you, but right now we plan to stick around here!  It can be hard to be away from our family and friends, especially when B3 was born, but it's also nice to start fresh and to move away from a place that holds so many memories, both amazingly good ones and painful ones, only to solely rely on each other!  It also puts a higher value and greater appreciation in time spent with our family.

Meanwhile, Phoenix now feels like home!  And you should come visit!!



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    1. Now you're so FAT!! Sorry you're not in our skiing pic. Maybe you were on your mission or something...

  2. I love Arizona, but have only visited the Phoenix area for Mayo Clinic. They are a blessing. McGuffy Ann Morris
    from McGuffy's Reader