D: David Archuleta Concert!!

A couple of weekends ago, I went to the David Archuleta concert, thanks to my little brother, James!!  We went to Kelly Clarkson last summer, which was awesome, so he invited me to this one too.  Hopefully this May we can all go to Pentatonix!!

Anywho, this was at a small venue in Queen Creek, Arizona, and we sat 6th row.

Now I'm no groupie to bands, really, but David Archuleta is so cute, and he has outstanding pitch and I just love that he sounds literally the same in person as on a recording.  That is talent.  Plus he is so genuine!


He told a little bit of his music career/life story in between songs and it was interesting to hear how fame and money definitely don't make you happy, it's things like family and God that keep you from feeling empty.

It was also interesting to hear how producers pushed trashy love songs on him because, "that's what people want to hear!"  No wonder modern music sucks.  It was interesting to hear how he was signed the same night as the finale when he took 2nd place in American Idol.

Everybody was waving their cell phones, so I took my phone out for a selfie.

So fun.

Below he tries out for American Idol way back when he was 16.  If you have an extra minute you can continue to watch since there are like 78 short videos about his journey.  This is the first one.

Take that Simon. 

Back when B3 was only a couple of weeks old, he was colicky for a period of about two weeks (thank heavens only two!!!!!!!!).  I used to hold him at my desk during the middle of the night, and turn this song up really, really loudly, and he'd calm down.  It was either David Archuleta or the vacuum.  lol



  1. Your brother has gotten HUGE!

    1. He has gained something like 40 pounds since fall!

  2. I love David Archuleta! How fun that you got to go. I saw him perform at the MoTab Christmas concert a few years ago and loved it!!! He's a sweetie. Oh, and I love your shoes!!!

  3. That was interesting - although, sadly, I have never heard of this person! D'oh!

    A-Z Challenge no. 1305