E: most Embarrassing moment

What's your most embarrassing moment??  Mine's pretty embarrassing.

Whenever we've moved to a new area, it stirs up feelings of discomfort as I get to know the neighborhood and such (who knew we really had creeper neighbors when we moved in).  That being said, shortly after moving into our cute house, we got our alarm system up and running, which was comforting since our house is long and you can't hear the back from the front and vice versa.  Now you can... because CHIME.

One pre-house alarm day, Ben left for work while I was still in bed.  A little while later I heard this rumbling noise like the sliding door was being opened.  The door is on the other side of the bedroom wall, so the wall was ...rumbly-like.

UmmmHOLY CRAP OMG WHAT WAS THAT!!????  I listened and I heard a voice which really freaked me out so I jumped up and slammed the bedroom door and locked it.  Then I heard more noise and voices.  So I text Ben, "I think somebody's in the house but I'm not really sure." (It was more along the lines of "I thkn sombfyes in hose but not sre.")  He said to call 911 and get the gun, so I did, well I didn't call 911 because I started to doubt myself.  So HE called them and THEY called ME.

"This is the Phoenix police, we understand there may be an intruder in your house?"

"I ...don't...think so anymore.  But I'm totally not going out there to check."

"We're on our way, just stay where you're at.  What did you hear?"

*I explain*

After what seemed like forever, they showed up and found an armed girl in a pink robe in the back corner of the master bedroom.  Oh hi.  They searched the perimeter of the house and found nothing other than a bike.  Which belonged to me.

But the tv was on, so I did hear a voice.  It was Rick D'Amicos.  lol  (Fox 10)  I had actually told Ben to leave the news on for me, so that really was nothing new...

Meet Rick.  I did.  He's nice.

A few hours later the noise happened again and I looked out the window to witness a billion birds flying off of our roof.  The police were called over birds.  [But it was kind of like the movie Birds!!  Swear!!!]

Birds do fly south for the winter [to our house].  And since then I haven't been paranoid anymore, other than the brief few month moments due to above said neighbor, but I am a religious alarm user.  And I have a new humiliating moment.

And we really need to buy one those fake owls.  No wonder I see them all around our neighbors' yards.

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  1. Living in rice country in Arkansas, following a huge storm that blew in the front door in the middle of the night, our house was invaded by a swarm, I mean millions of mosquitoes. It was my "Birds' movie moment in life. I hope you are enjoying the A to Z!
    @ScarlettBraden from
    Frankly Scarlett