F: First car

A jeep.

THEN a Nissan Sentra, 1997, in green.  Aka "JASMINE" or the "GREEN MACHINE."  I loved that car so much.  My friends had all signed their names and written messages on the far right inside of the windshield in dry erase marker, which were there for basically a year.  

I couldn't find any pictures of it which makes me feel very old, and my siblings couldn't find any either, so I took lovely snapshots from a video.

I got my license the first week of highschool, thus I was the one who drove my friends all around for months.  I drove that car from 2000 to 2007, and aside from being rear ended at a stop light when I first got my license (by a senior, no less, and in front of the school officer), I never wrecked it or so much as dented it!!

One funny story about it is one Saturday morning my mom came into my room, CHRISTY WHERE ARE YOUR HUBCAPS!???  Wait, what huh??  I hadn't even noticed, but they had disappeared sometime the night before, probably at the football game.  So that was a bummer cuz I think they ran like $35 a hubcap or some nonsense, but without them the car looked pretty crappy.

Monday afternoon rolls around and we had cheerleading practice outside because it was really nice out!!  It was in full view of the parking lot and no lie, while up in a stunt, I saw two guys wearing gloves, carrying four hubcaps walking towards my car!! 

Turned out to be a prank by the Lamano brothers, guys I was friends with.  So that was super random and funny and I didn't have to buy new hubcaps afterall.  Actually I think one of them cracked and I ended up buying one new one cuz it fell off somewhere, but still, it was pretty funny.

Anyways, fast forward to when I was in college, a highschooler bought it and its teenage driving journey continued on at the very same highschool, good ole LHS.

So many memories!!


  1. My first car was also green! Almost that same color. I miss her sometimes, though she was a manual, and I don't miss that!


  2. Love that little green car. I bet you were so mad when you thought you had to spend $35 a piece to replace those hub caps, only to find they were just pranking you. Those little cars are so great on gas too, I remember I could drive for a week on $5 and still have enough at the end of the week to get to school.