G: Goals Review

G is a good letter to use as a goals review for my New Year's Resolutions.  I try to update on them every three months or so, and it helps re-motivate me for the next quarter.


  • Run 1000 miles - this means I needed to be at 250 by the end of March, so I was about 40 miles ahead at that point, closer to 65 miles by the end of the week (tomorrow).
  • LilySlim - Personal pictureLilySlim Fitness goals tickers

  • 2x PR the 1/2 marathon - So technically I did when I PRd Changs and barely again at Phoenix, but by 2x I meant that I wanted to PR in September which is my real 1/2 goal time race for the year.  Hopefully it goes a little better than my first goal race of the year!

  • PR the marathon - < one month until I give this one a shot.  Oh the nerves!!  Way more present than they were for Canyon City.  WAY MORE PRESENT.

  • Read 8 books - I am in the middle of book #2.  lol  So I am behind my completely lax goal, but I'm still aiming for eight!  I'm reading KINGPIN and find it very fascinating thus far.

  • Write 1 new song - In January I set the ground for a new song!  I just knocked it out one day and recorded it so I would remember, but there is still a ton of work to do on it.  I did previously mention that I have been working on learning/re-learning some other pieces as well.

  • Print 2 years of blog books - So yay, I printed one in January which covers 1/2 a year.  I need to print at least two, maybe three more.

  • Do something with the front room/office area - So this is kind of funny.  On January FIRST I slept in and finally came out of our room to hear voices in the front of our house.  My investigating took me to see Ben and some guy carrying two of our three front room couches out of our house and onto a truck.  Uhhhhhh?  Ben does not like knick knacks, etc., he was cleaning that morning and got frustrated with our couches being in the way with B3's play area, so he listed them on Craigslist and they sold immediately.  Probably because he listed them for a grand total of TWENTY DOLLARS.  lol  So somebody scored and the official playroom was born!  I still need to get a rug and fancy the area, but yeah.  Honestly it was good timing because B3 started climbing at about that time and those couches weren't flush to the wall or anything.  Now he has the whole room to play in which I can see from my desk!

  • Make the guest bathroom more guest worthy - I can't find a towel set that I like very much.  This one is still TBD.  Need to get it done before we have people in town for the bro's wedding.

  • Keep the master bath cleaner - Doing better.  Hired a cleaning lady, then I personally have been a little better at it and even made one drawer an official B3 drawer, while Ben put locks on the rest of the drawers.  Bentz still pulls all his toys out of the drawer and chucks them in the tub, but at least it isn't my stuff!!  Nothing ended my glorious showering like watching my kid put my new Jessica Simpson heels in the tub....then turn it ON.    haha  The best cabinet locks ever:

  • Keep blogging - I started blogging in 2008, on my old blog, at the encouragement of a friend.  Blogging was so different back then because people ... actually... blogged ...instead of Instagrammed.  I love me some Instagram, but a picture diary cannot replace a pictures-with-words diary.  However, aside from the AtoZ, I am not as great about blogging as I used to be, mostly because blogging on my personal computer requires major patience and time.  Hopefully we'll buy a new Surface Pro this year, we started a Surface Pro fund!  I think the new one comes out in a few months.

  • Drink more water - I do alright.  I need to bust out my Hydroflask which I haven't done yet, just old fashion water bottles.

  • Get back to meal planning - Fun fact of life, we started BLUE APRON.  We both have been so excited!  Meal planning has become a huge chore these days and we were spending a lot of money at Costco while still feeling like we didn't have anything to eat!  So we've cut back on the Costco trips and so far Blue Apron has been ridiculously delicious, and we only have to plan a couple of dinners each week instead.

Call me a freaking chef!  For the first time ever in my life!  

  • Whiten my teeth - Doing now.

  • Just be ME.  - A work in progress. 

  • Be positive and trust everybody means well - Trying.

  • Just be a better person - Also a work in progress.

Have a fantastic Friday!  Wahoo!!

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