H: Our Easter Holiday

Easter snuck up on us quickly this year, probably since it was in March instead of April.  Either way it was a fun weekend and wasn't too extraordinary, just some nice weather and family time!!

The Easter Bunny didn't visit us this year, he has one year left to save his money or spend it on himself (HA) but we did have an Easter egg hunt or three, which Bentz sure enjoyed!!  He had more sugar in one weekend than the last 18 months combined.  Actually, he also got a new stuffed animal bunny (to soothe him since we said buh bye to the binky), and he loves it so much.

I filled each egg with one or two pieces of candy/fruit snacks, plus a grand finale egg or two, and that was a good thing because he would find an egg, open it, put all the contents into his mouth, and move on to the next egg for another round.  Kid could barely TALK.

B3's "Easter outfit," which you are supposed to do, apparently, was a 25 year old sailor outfit that I thought was ridiculously cute!!!  Ben just chuckled but WHATEVER.  SO CUTE!!  I love having these "vintage" outfits that we get to double up on the memories.

I wanted to do an Easter family pic but something about getting to church at 8:30 and not getting home until 1:30 dissolved that plan.  Plus my super sequinny cute Easter skirt did not stretch even 1/2mm so it was the first thing to go when we got home.  It plus heels meant my kid could get away from me.

The eggs were a major hit though, along with the bunny.  :)

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